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Version 3.6 – 3.10

Version 3.10.2

August 8, 2023

  • New: Compatibility with WordPress 6.3
  • New: Updated all blocks to use the new Block API Version 3 – now all Stackable blocks can be iframed in the editor. [Learn about the benefits of an iframed editor]
  • New: Improved editor loading performance #2797
  • New: Support for the Navite Group block flexbox options when nesting Stackable blocks #2773 #2774
  • Change: The Navigation Panel is now disabled by default #2789
  • Fixed: When duplicating or transforming blocks, sometimes changes get applied to multiple blocks ##2749
  • Fixed: Added Safari <= 15.3 and Firefox support for some flexbox options #2784
  • Fixed: Link picker UI issue where the reset button overlapped #2761
  • Fixed: WooCommerce compatibility where the Stackable settings button was not showing up #2793
  • Fixed: Inspector panels did not auto-collapse in the Site Editor #2759
  • Fixed: Resolved a few console warnings #2787 #2788

Version 3.10.1

August 1, 2023

  • New: Improved Block Theme & Site Editor color compatibility #2599 #2601 #2641
  • New: Improved Color palette popup – now has built-in color picker, and color categories for global colors, theme colors, default colors, and custom Site Editor colors. #2600
  • New: Improved Global Color panel UI, includes reoredring of global colors and new options to show/hide color categories in the color palette popup
  • New: Added vw and vh units to some block options #2735
  • New: Added a new stackable_activation_screen_enabled PHP filter that when false bypasses the welcome and wizard screen. #2676
  • New: Added new “Fixed Icon Position” option in Tab Labels block for better text alignment #2739
  • Change: Stackable global colors now are no longer included in the color picker of Native blocks to prevent confusion and possible conflicts.
  • Fixed: Bug when you have a custom color in the Site Editor, it stops displaying the other colors in the color picker #2599 #2601
  • Fixed: Column resize doesn’t snap correctly when the Columns block has a background enabled #2579
  • Fixed: Columns block content max width and horizontal align options reset upon save #2742
  • Fixed: Resolved missing dependencies warning in Query Monitor #2562
  • Fixed: Divider block tablet and mobile alignments not working #2733
  • Fixed: Some embedded content do not show up in lightbox #2658
  • Fixed: Added support for WP Rocket’s Image Lazy Loading feature in the lightbox #2724
  • Fixed: Enabling template locking on a container can cause inner blocks to overlap #2672
  • Fixed: A scrollbar was visible on the carousel block in Firefox #2701
  • Fixed: Better accessibility: pressing the escape key will close popovers #2766
  • Fixed: Colors not working for the collapsed state of accordion blocks (need to edit the block for it to take effect) #2723
  • Fixed: Carousel block aria warning #2722
  • Fixed: Design library tab focus outline #2727
  • Fixed: Map block JS callback warning is now resolved #2734
  • Fixed: Progress bar and cirlce blocks can now handle dynamic content that has commas #2688
  • Fixed: V2 Feature Grid encounters an error when using the advanced tab #2707

Version 3.10.0

July 14, 2023

  • New: Tabs Block
  • New: Revamped Getting Started page with new videos and links
  • New: Added new inset option for shadows
  • Fixed: Table of Contents block font family not being applied
  • Fixed: Some block options did not show correctly in Safari

Version 3.9.1

July 5, 2023

  • New: Inspector UI improvements and reskin
  • New: New help tooltips UI
  • New: Better inspector accessibility
  • New: PHP filter stackable_block_category_index to adjust the block category index
  • FIxed: All Dynamic Content Fields from ACF, Metabox and JetEngine are now shown in the field picker
  • Fixed: Dynamic Content issues with the Site Editor
  • Fixed: Added missing help tooltips
  • Fixed: Focal point picker going outside the inspector panels
  • Fixed: Expand block accessibility improvements
  • Fixed: Progress bar block fullwidth issues
  • Fixed: Updated Freemius SDK to 2.5.10

Version 3.9

June 14, 2023

  • New: Carousel block
  • New: Typography Letter Spacing is now responsive
  • Fixed: The first entry in the Icon list block can get misaligned

Version 3.8.2

June 6, 2023

  • Fixed: Dynamic Content sometimes not displaying in the frontend
  • Fixed: Dynamic Content backend field picker issues with ACF
  • Fixed: Lightbox now works with PerfMatter’s Image Lazy Loading option
  • Fixed: Lightbox compatibility issues with Twenty Twenty One theme
  • Fixed: Feature Grid Column gap option resets

Version 3.8.1

June 1, 2023

  • New: Added orange modified indicators to panels and controls – know which options you’ve modified in your blocks!
  • New: Added justify text option for the Advanced Text block #2528
  • Fixed: Better backspace handling when typing in the number of columns #2675
  • Fixed: Scrolling the Horizontal Scroller block now doesn’t open links #2657
  • Fixed: When adding background color or a background image, it now auto-enables the block’s background option #2673
  • Fixed: Better Dynamic Content support for template/layout CPTs
  • Fixed: Lightbox now works with NitroPack’s Image Lazy Loading option
  • Fixed: Reset button in Global Typography now resets correctly #2667
  • Fixed: Subtitle help icon alignment issue in Global Typography #1903
  • Fixed: Handled case when the responsive toggle button doesn’t work when site editor files are loaded in the post editor
  • Fixed: Minor translation issues #2596

Version 3.8.0

May 16, 2023

  • New: New Block Inspector UI – reorganized and added new options
  • New: Visual Guides – helps visualize layout options like justify and paddings
  • New: Flexbox options
  • New: Lightbox option in Image blocks and in containers with links – check the Advanced tab > Link panel. Lightbox supports: images, videos, YouTube, Vimeo and web pages.
  • New: Typing ‘auto’ in block margins now works visually in the block editor
  • Change: Renamed to “Adv. Copy and Paste” styles to make it different from the native copy and paste option
  • Change: Removed “Fit all columns to content” option in Columns, this has been replaced with flexbox controls
  • Fixed: Some blocks encounter a block error when inside a Query Loop block
  • Fixed: Some textarea Dynamic Content fields do not show line breaks correctly
  • Fixed: Better inspector panel scrolling when opening and closing panels
  • Fixed: Inner Column blocks with paddings made the column widths uneven
  • Fixed: Missing meta option in the Posts Block content order option
  • Fixed: Video backgrounds now show up as one network request
  • Fixed: Block titles and descriptions are now translated correctly in the Getting Started page
  • Fixed: Navigation panel cannot be resized properly
  • Fixed: Navigation panel closes when selecting another block
  • Fixed: Dragging the margin bottom of blocks quickly will stop the current drag
  • Fixed: The Block Linking learn more link redirects to the wrong page
  • Fixed: Some blocks with icons encounter an error when used in a Query Loop block
  • Fixed: Block titles and descriptions in the Getting Started area are now translated properly
  • Fixed: Post meta is missing in the Image Card layout in the Posts block
  • Fixed: In the free version, premium notices have lower priority
  • Fixed: Dynamic Content can now be used in the Progress Bar and Progress Circle percentage value

Version 3.7.2

March 27, 2023

  • New: WordPress 6.2 compatibility
  • New: Stackable blocks now appear in the new Style Book
  • New: Stackable global settings are now available in the Site Editor / FSE
  • Fixed: Responsive block settings now working in the Site Editor
  • Fixed: Tablet styles sometimes show up in the editor when the screen is small
  • Fixed: Reusable blocks performance improvements
  • Fixed: Blocksy theme responsive breakpoints conflict
  • Change: Removed v2 editor migration helper (it’s been 1.5 years since it was introduced)

Version 3.7.1

March 3, 2023

  • Fixed: Dynamic Content issue where ACF image fields sometimes did not output correctly
  • Fixed: Shape separators were always covering some content in some blocks #2268
  • Fixed: Cannot select a color for shape separator layers
  • Fixed: Custom roles did not appear in the Conditional Display role picker #2409
  • Fixed: Shape separator layer 2 options were not visible
  • Fixed: Block error that resulted when using a Display Condition taxonomy that was deleted
  • Fixed: CSS optimization post meta options are now hidden from the custom fields view
  • Fixed: Some strings in the Countdown block were not translated #2585
  • Fixed: Some JS hook tweaks #2588

Version 3.7.0

February 8, 2023

  • New: Horizontal Scroller block #2494
  • New: Countdown block #2501
  • Fixed: Dynamic Content database performance, no more duplicate db calls #2569
  • Fixed: Some tablet and mobile styling options were being overwritten by desktop values #2571

Version 3.6.4

January 25, 2023

  • New: Inversed the behavior of the Heading’s margins (it now doesn’t use the theme’s margins by default) #2190
  • Fixed: Editor performance improvements #2446
  • Fixed: Better PHP 8.1 compatibility #2560
  • Fixed: Max content width doesn’t show correctly in the editor #2531
  • Fixed: Posts block not showing hover colors correctly in the editor #2351 #2473

Version 3.6.3

December 28, 2022

  • New: The Table of Contents block can now have a title #2346
  • Fixed: In Conditional Display, added support for named and 0 timezones #2530
  • Fixed: FontAwesome script loading is now delayed in the editor
  • Fixed: Possible error in the Accordion block’s icon #2546
  • Fixed: Tablet and mobile units are not being followed in the editor #2547
  • Fixed: Added missing translation strings #2399 #2402 #2472 #2498 (Thanks DAnn2012)
  • Fixed: Table of Contents block now support the Stackable v2 Heading block #2376
  • Fixed: Content vertical align option in the Column block doesn’t appear correctly in the editor #2408
  • Fixed: Using a custom SVG in the Icon block can result in it losing its colors #2137
  • Fixed: Image Box block selection goes past its container in the editor #2369
  • Fixed: Block example show a “no blocks in the group” placeholder #2405
  • Fixed: Image alt now no longer gets overridden when picking images #2524

Version 3.6.2

November 15, 2022

  • New: (Freemius) Granular opt-out controls
  • New: (Freemius) Support for anonymous license activation
  • New: (Freemius) New opt-in screen
  • New: (Freemius) User IP is no longer sent during opt-in
  • New: (Freemius) No data is now sent when skipping the opt-in screen
  • New: (Freemius) Admin query strings no longer include a Freemius flag
  • New: (Freemius) Better PHP 8 compatibility
  • Fixed: Some PHP 8 warning messages with Twenty Twenty Three theme and Dynamic Content #2508 #2503
  • Fixed: Design Library button text label now shows properly #2486
  • Fixed: Possible Block error with v2 Button blocks and Blocksy #2484

Version 3.6.1

October 27, 2022

  • New: WordPress 6.1 compatibility
  • New: You can now change the Query String of the Posts block’s Pagination Block #2313
  • New: Added Advanced Tab > Responsive > Tablet column arrangement option ##2325
  • New: Added Advanced Tab > Responsive > Tablet and mobile column arrangement option #2361
  • Fixed: RankMath compatibility for the Table of Contents block #2424
  • Fixed: Newly created columns are not cloned correctly when using the Columns block’s Columns option #2476
  • Fixed: Posts block pagination could not navigate back to page 1 #2313
  • Fixed: Reset button on icon options now reset correctly #2329
  • Fixed: Copy and pasting styles on the Progress Circle and Bar blocks also copied some content #2469
  • Fixed: Progress Bar block percentage text can wrap around spaces #2464
  • Fixed: Button blocks can still be added even if they’re disabled in the admin #2305
  • Fixed: Possible block error when adding conditional display about dates #2477

Version 3.6

October 13, 2022

  • New: Progress Circle and Progress Bar Blocks
  • Fixed: You can now select transparent as the color for the 2nd gradient background color #2358

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