Enable and Disable Blocks

Enable and Disable Blocks

Last Updated on June 7, 2021

With Stackable, you can enjoy enable/disable blocks functionality, multiple layout options and great block design settings.

Introduced in Version 1.10, Stackable users are able to enjoy enable/disable block settings, and free basic and plain designs.

New Settings Page

Stackable has one of the largest offering of blocks across the different block library plugins. We’re currently sitting at 23 blocks and there will definitely be more in the future.

While we do have a lot of blocks, there’s a chance that you will not use all of our blocks. Perhaps you found a better plugin alternative for one of our blocks (if you do, please let me know in the comments), or you simply don’t have any use for some of them. In any case, we do not want to clutter your screen with never-been-used blocks. To address this, we created a new settings page where you can enable and disable all of our blocks.

Feel free to enable or disable any block from your admin any time. Once a block is disabled, you won’t be able to select that block when building your pages. Don’t worry though, if one of your pages is using a block that’s disabled, it will continue to work without any problems.

“Basic” & “Plain” Designs

Probably one of the most requested feature we’ve gotten is about how to change the border radius or remove the shadow or the box container of a block. We’ve suggested adding some additional CSS to do the necessary modifications, but this method isn’t ideal.

To address this, we’ve started rolling out layout options and new settings to change the border radius and change the shadow. We’ve added 9 different shadows as an added bonus, ranging from a very thin line, to a huge drop shadow.

Other Updates

Aside from these 2 major updates, we also have a few bug fixes and changes. Here are the notable ones:

  1. New “Tiny” size for all buttons
  2. Added new Font options for the Count Up block. Now you can pick either the theme default font, Sans-Serif, Serif or Monospace. I especially like the Light Sans-Serif.
  3. Removed the hover cursor for the remove image button inside blocks since it can be confusing
  4. HTML blocks now do not get colored when placed inside a Container block
  5. Removing the text of the button in the Card block now removes the button (we’ll also slowly add this across the other blocks)
  6. A column block inside a Container block doesn’t look right.

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