Count Up Block

The Count Up block is great for showcasing interesting and notable stats on your page. The counter will count up from 0 to your designated number when the page is visited.











<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">7 Layouts</span>
5 Layouts

Plain. Plain 2. Side. Abstract. Boxed.

<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">General Style Options</span>
Style Options

Columns. Border Radius. Shadow / Outline. Alignment. Detailed Icon Settings.

<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">Typography Options</span><br>
Typography Options

Font Family. Font Size & Weight. Transform. Line Height. Letter Spacing. HTML Tag.

<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">Background Options</span>
Background Options

Color. Opacity. Image. Video. Fixed Image. Gradient. Blend Mode.

<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">Button Options</span>
Button Options

Design. Typography. Color. Gradient. Size. Border Radius. Padding. Button Hover Effects & Options. Icon.

<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">Spacing & Alignment</span>
Spacing & Alignment

Spacing. Horizontal & Vertical Alignment. Block Height. Content Width. Margin. Padding. Column Spacing. Z-Index.

<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">Separators</span>

10 Designs. Responsive Height & Width. Two Additional Separator Layers for Premium.

<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">Responsiveness</span>

Font Size. Icon Size. Spacing. Opacity. Z-Index. Margins. Paddings. Height & Width. Option to Hide on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.

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