What’s Next?

Here is our updated roadmap to keep you up to date on our plans. We created this based on the majority of your suggestions and feedback.

Enhanced Color, Gradient & Opacity Settings

The color picker has been further enhanced to include an opacity picker. There is also now a new compact gradient color picker that allows you to create multi-stop gradients.

WooCommerce Dynamic Content

You can now use WooCommerce Product fields in dynamic content as well as to conditionally display blocks. This is awesome when used with the native Query Loop block to create custom product lists.

Repeater Block

Create loops on just about anything – posts, taxonomies, custom fields, or comma separated values.

Forms Block

A versatile form block that you can easily design, useful for contact forms.

Global Block Settings

One central area that allows you to change how all Stackable blocks look and feel. Give all containers larger paddings and more shadows, remove all bottom margins across all blocks, and more.

Granular Plugin Settings

Enable or disable the various features of Stackable. Control what Stackable adds to your Block Editor. For example, you would now be able to remove the text highlight toolbar button if you like.

Design Library Revamp

A fresher and more powerful Design Library. Expect to add designs that merge seamlessly with your existing page.

Onboarding Popup

Creating a new page/post will now bring up an onboarding popup that allows you to start blank or from a page template.

FSE Designs in Design Library

Expect the Design Library to help out greatly in the Site Editor. Pick from various header, footer and page designs and wireframes.


We are constantly thinking of ideas to improve your experience with Stackable!

Previous Roadmap

Here’s our previous roadmap that we’ve successfully completed on August 2023.