Discover a whole new
experience of web design

All the essentials to unlock incredible possibilities with Gutenberg.

Discover a whole new
experience of web design

All the essentials to unlock incredible possibilities with Gutenberg.

The Complete Companion to Gutenberg

Stackable has all the features you need to make an absolutely stunning website.

Powerful Custom Blocks
Ready-made Designs
Page Builder-like Design Options
Optimized Web Performance
Dynamic Content
Hover Styles & Animations
Blog Post Options
Agency Tools
Support, Community & Updates

Ready-made Designs

Enjoy an impressive Design Library of UI Kits, Block Designs and Separators to jumpstart your designing process. Never start from scratch and design like a pro with the help of our gorgeous and professionally-made designs.

UI Kits


Each unique UI Kit offers a beautiful and cohesive collection of block designs for building full sites, and is the best way to kick start your design process. Choose from 30 UI Kits in a variety of web design styles and categories:

  • Abstract
  • Basic
  • Bold
  • Color
  • Corporate
  • Elegant
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Minimalist
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
Block Designs


Our blocks come with 355 ready-made block designs. If you just need well-designed stand-alone blocks or if mixing and matching is more you style, this option is what you need to build your dream website with ease.

Built-in Separators

Enable the use of creative shape dividers to spice up your designs and create a better flow throughout your webpage. Have the flexibility to tweak the separator design to get it just right.

Layered Separators


Enjoy up to 3 layers of Separators for a more exquisite look. Tweak each separator layer to achieve the smoothest transitions across every page.

Powerful Custom Blocks

Get 27 flexible custom blocks that look good out of the box, and provide a robust foundation for any website even without a single line of code.

Advanced Columns

Powerful columns & grids for a good design base.

Advanced Heading

Get flexible options for headings & subheadings.

Advanced Text

A paragraph block that packs a bigger punch.

Blog Posts

Present blog articles using gorgeous layouts.


Display blocks and info in collapsible rows.


A great way to highlight significant parts of a post.


Good ol’ button, but better.


Combine different blocks in a single row.

Call to Action

Persuade your visitors to perform an action.


Display content in crisp card layouts.

Count Up

Showcase interesting and notable stats.


Can be used to show a small snippet of text first.


Display important content in a large section.

Feature Grid

Showcase features in stylized layouts.


An outstanding above-the-fold block.


Stylish icons with broad design options.

Icon List

Create bulleted lists using different icons.

Image Box

Form a collage of images with great hover effects.


Display dismissible notices & info banners.

Number Box

Use numeric figures to set your info apart.

Pricing Box

Display different price tiers for your business.


Gorgeous transitions for sections on your page.

Team Member

A great way to introduce yourself and your team.


Show social proof & what others say about you.

Video Popup

Display a thumbnail to play a full-screen video.


Add a pause between your content.


Sometimes you just need some space.

Page Builder-like Design options

Fine-tune your creations with a wide range of familiar basic and advanced design options to bring your page building experience with Gutenberg to a whole new level.

Block layouts


With our block layouts, you can switch between different block content arrangements in just one click.

Basic Hover Animations

Accentuate your designs for your content with our basic hover effects.

Premium Hover and Image Box Effects


Further enhance your designs by giving it a more dynamic feel with premium hover and image box effects.

Block BG and Image Color Settings

Add single or gradient color tint to your block backgrounds and images to bring more depth to your designs.

Block Typography Settings

Control a variety of options like font family weight, size, letter spacing, and line height & more.

Basic Image Shapes

Present your images using our basic image shapes that can give a more cohesive look to your website.

50+ Image Blob Shapes


Have access to 50+ blob image shapes that add more character and dimension to your designs.

Basic Icon Options

Have the ability to change icon design options like color, size, borders, paddings, rotation and more.

Gradient, Multicolor & BG Shape for Icons


Supercharge your icons by using gradient & multicolor styles. Choose from 50+ icon background shapes.

Advanced Column and Gap Spacing


Have fine tuning options to tweak your column spacing, paddings, and add gaps between columns.

Advanced Column Settings

Adjust column width, height, and alignment. Tweak and rearrange individual columns easily.

Upload Own SVG Icons


Upload your very own SVG designs to maximize your site’s unique design.

Border Options

Have the ability to add borders to your containers and bring more emphasis to your designs.

Copy-Paste Styles


Save time and copy the styles of one block and paste it to another. Be able to multi-select block styles and paste it on blocks across different posts and pages.

Clickable Containers

Give your users an easier experience navigating around your website. Make entire cards or containers clickable instead of just the button inside it.

Global settings

Establish your go-to colors and typography for your entire site. Treat these features as a theming solution to keep your designs consistent without having to tweak every block.

  • Global Color Settings
  • Global Typography Settings

Design pixel-perfect pages across different devices. No need to guess what your design will look like on mobile and tablet with our first-rate responsiveness settings.

  • Live Responsive Editing
  • Ability to tweak designs for Tablet and Mobile views
  • Hide / Show Specific Blocks on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile

Blog Post options

Showcase your latest articles, publications, case studies, tutorials, portfolio or different products anywhere in your site with our flexible Blog Post block.

Page and Post Settings

Display pages or posts in any web page and control which ones to show depending on their categories or taxonomies.

  • Filter by Categories
  • Filter by Taxonomies
  • Custom Categories and Taxonomies
Advanced Post Settings

Get even more precise control over which posts to display.

  • Display Specific Posts Only
  • Exclude Posts
  • Offset Posts
Custom Post Type Support


With custom post type support, the Blog Posts block can provide you with powerful ways to display image-heavy content like portfolios.

Load More Button


Give your visitors the ability to view more posts to keep their interest in reading your article highlights or portfolio. Clicking on the load more button will dynamically load the next set of posts without the need for the page to reload.



Section the Posts block into pages using our Pagination feature to make it easier for your website visitors to digest your content.

Dynamic Content

Quickly make updates to styled content and have a seamless workflow when creating websites with Stackable’s dynamic content features and integrations.

Dynamic Functionality


Create stunning dynamic websites with Stackable blocks. Design websites like no other and create unique user experiences depending on user journey and user intent using dynamic sources.

  • Field custom options for every field type for added functionality
  • Integration with Toolset and ACF
Conditional Display

Coming soon!

Dynamic Fields

Coming soon!

Agency Tools

Cater to more clients effectively and efficiently with our Agency Tools, which were specially made for web design professionals. Complete project requirements to client specifications in no time.

Block CSS Customizer


Have the ability to add custom CSS on a per block basis to go even beyond our already vast block options. Access built-in CSS guides to help you implement your designs perfectly.

Role Manager


Collaborate efficiently with your clients and team members by managing their content-editing capabilities. Avoid any unnecessary delays and design mishaps with this essential tool.


Make your page building experience more well-rounded by using popular tools. We’ve seamlessly integrated with essential third-party plugins to complement the smooth performance of Stackable.


WPML allows anyone to build and run multilingual sites with Stackable. Easily translate and fully optimize your website with a click of a button.

Font Awesome Free
Font Awesome Free

Use FontAwesome to get ready access to icons for every use and occasion, and enhance your designs better than with other icon sets.

Font Awesome Pro

Use the gold standard when it comes to icons. Unlock thousands of premium icons and more color and style options with FontAwesome Pro.

Font Awesome Free
Google Fonts

Show your creativity not just with your content but also with your typefaces. Stackable uses Google Fonts to give you thousands of font options.


Dynamic Sources allow you to build templates, archives, and lists with Stackable Blocks. With it, WordPress professionals can build advanced sites without programming.


Start building your websites with a fast and lightweight WordPress Theme. Enjoy Blocksy’s intuitive options that make your theme fully extendable and customizable to your needs.


With over 30 different field types ranging from text to complex media, ACF makes it much simpler and intuitive to store data unique to your website’s needs.

Fast Loading Speed

Optimize you website’s performance, and get lightning fast page loading to impress your site visitors and maximize your page speed insights.


Use our cleverly developed page design solution. You’d never guess that something so powerful can be this light.

  • Loads the minimal amount of CSS and JS files in the frontend, less than ~30kb total
  • Adds almost no PHP server overhead for fast page loads
Optimized Page Loading

Cater to people who view multiple pages per visit. Get optimized page loading with browser caching for fast viewing speeds.

Responsive Images

Different devices, different aspect ratios and resolutions. Get responsive image loading for faster browsing speeds in mobile devices.

Compatible with Optimization Plugins

Enjoy the use of optimization plugins like Autoptimize. Use optimization techniques such as combining CSS and JS files and minification.

Support, Community & Updates

Get the best out of Stackable by having access to a great support team, lively community and regular plugin updates.

One-on-one Customer Support


Get top-notch personal support through email. We promise to always help you with usage and other concerns happily and to the best of our abilities.

*Customization work not included.

Amazing Community

Be part of a thriving community of real Stackable users – beginners and seasoned experts alike – who come together to exchange ideas, tips and tricks on how they use Stackable.

Regular Updates

Receive constant updates geared toward making Stackable the best companion for Gutenberg. We strive to consider real user needs, and keep up with the latest trends in the ever-changing WordPress landscape.

Discover a whole new experience of web design

No matter who you are, blogger, marketer, designer, developer, we guarantee you need Stackable.