These are all the changes we add to Stackable through our regular updates.

Version 3.0 +

Version 3.0.3

October 21, 2021

  • New: Added a modal popup to help with the migration process to version 3
  • New: Shadow options can now be styled on hover
  • Fixed: Block widths when nested
  • Fixed: Column content widths sometimes didn’t apply especially when nested
  • Fixed: Layout styles of the Blog Posts and Card block
  • Fixed: The image cannot be selected some Card block layouts
  • Fixed: Posts Block title tag can’t be changed
  • Fixed: Remove unwanted bottom margin in columns
  • Fixed: Content Vertical Align did not apply
  • Fixed: Icon Label block icon gap showing incorrectly in the backend when you have multiple icon labels
  • Fixed: PHP warning for themes using theme.json
  • Fixed: Feature block horizontal layout didn’t show as horizontal
  • Fixed: Image Box block layouts were not aligned correctly
  • Fixed: Image placeholder height now shows correctly
  • Fixed: Blocks can be linked together if creating multiple columns at once
  • Fixed: Compatibility with wide/full align when Kadence blocks is enabled
  • Fixed: Fixed typo in the wizard text

Version 3.0.2

October 17, 2021

  • Fixed: Compatibility with some plugins when backward compatibility with v2 blocks is enabled
  • Fixed: Backward compatibility with v2 blocks now work with reusable blocks
  • Fixed: Possible too many redirects when going to the wizard

Version 3.0.1

October 16, 2021

  • Fixed: The onboarding / migration wizard sometimes did not appear
  • Fixed: Auto-updating to v3 doesn’t perform the migration process immediately

Version 3.0.0

October 15, 2021

  • New: New version 3 blocks (old version 2 blocks will still be available)
  • New: Completely new way to use Stackable blocks
  • New: Now very lightweight
  • New: Advanced Columns which are immensely responsive (you can control how they collapse in tablet and mobile)
  • New: Style blocks when they’re hovered
  • New: Dyanmic Breakpoints
  • New: Stackable Custom Fields (premium)
  • New: Use Dynamic Content in images, buttons, and other content (premium)
  • New: Motion Effects (premium)
  • New: Conditionally Display blocks (premium)
  • New: A lot more

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