These are all the changes we add to Stackable through our regular updates.

Version 3.13.3

July 16, 2024

  • New: Enhanced WordPress 6.6 compatibility
  • New: You can now select multiple adjacent same-type blocks and adjust their inspector settings at the same time #2711
  • New: You can now pick a font family from the available ones in the Block Theme fonts or uploaded fonts #3195 #3244
  • New: Faster pattern rendering in the editor #3229 #3225
  • New: Added admin warning when settings page REST API fails #2882
  • Change: Icon Label block: reworked Icon Gap option, now properly measures gap between icon and text #3126
  • Fixed: Dynamic Content: using custom date format now works correctly #2570
  • Fixed: Aspect Ratio tablet & mobile settings now working properly #3232
  • Fixed: Hover transitions not smoothly transitioning #3207
  • Fixed: Shadow color support for theme colors #3176
  • Fixed: Bottom separator can sometimes not go behind the content #3061
  • Fixed: Team Member block: fixed cover layout issue #2985

Version 3.13.2

June 26, 2024

  • New: Added new Aspect Ratio option to Image block and relevant blocks #3200
  • New: Added filter stackable_force_css_load – when returning true, Stackable css files will always be loaded in the frontend even if no blocks are present #3218
  • New: Accordion block – accordions show open when printing the webpage #3186
  • Fixed: Posts block – empty excerpts may show some excerpt markup #3185
  • Fixed: Posts block – excerpt length not being followed #3210
  • Fixed: Load more block – clicking rapidly can load the same posts #2280
  • Fixed: Accordion block – prevent highlighting text when toggling #3096
  • Fixed: Accordion block – some icons in the content rotate when opening the accordion #3211
  • Fixed: Table of Contents block – excluding headings can affect another TOC block in the same page #3197
  • Fixed: Inner column block – top and bottom margins looks different in Firefox #3193
  • Fixed: Some CSS validation errors #3087
  • Fixed: Some custom SVG icons may not display properly #3103
  • Fixed: Image blob shapes sometimes look different in Firefox #3042
  • Fixed: Nested selectors in Custom CSS now work properly #3164
  • Fixed: Security improvements

Version 3.13.1

June 11, 2024

  • Fixed: (Hotfix update): Style codes can show on some instances
  • Fixed: Copy and paste styles now work correctly #350

Version 3.13.0

June 5, 2024

  • New: x2-x3 plugin performance – improved plugin execution times, reduced memory usage, and faster loading times #340 #3169 #347 #3178
  • New: Performance improvements – options are now autoloaded correctly for better database performance #343 #3175
  • New: Role Manager – when in content editing mode, a console warning will appear #2911
  • Fixed: Dynamic Content – detected custom fields now show up in the Site Editor ##344
  • Fixed: Carousel block – infinite scrolling also works for the previous button #3143
  • Fixed: Full width buttons and flex wrapping now work correctly #3181
  • Fixed: Button text now doesn’t wrap – they look more like what you get in the editor #3181
  • Fixed: Button group vertical alignment now works correctly on multiple buttons #3181
  • Fixed: Copy and paste styles now work correctly if native blocks are used #341
  • Fixed: ACF Dynamic Content line breaks in WYSIWYG fields now do not get added #3110
  • Fixed: Block preview error when using Stackable blocks in block patterns #3191

Version 3.12.17

May 7, 2024

  • Fixed: (Hotfix update): Display Conditions not working in some cases

Version 3.12.16

May 2, 2024

  • Fixed: Improved database performance of dynamic content when dealing with auto-detected meta fields #337
  • Fixed: Transforming blocks to columns can produce block errors #3151
  • Fixed: Dynamic content – possible Metabox error when using some fields #3156
  • Fixed: Dynamic content – warning when using a featured image that has already been deleted #3168
  • Fixed: Security improvements

Version 3.12.15

April 12, 2024

  • New: Tabs Block – added new option to set anchor links per tab that you can use to open each tab #3124
  • New: Accordion Block – added support for anchor links that you can use to open each accordion block #3136
  • Fixed: Accordion Block – now shows gradient colors with the correct z-index #3138
  • Fixed: Accordion Block – removed video background option since it’s not supported by browsers #3138
  • Fixed: Metabox Settings – now shows properly other options registered in settings pages #335
  • Fixed: Video Popup Block – prevent theme from adding button styles to the video popup #3121
  • Fixed: Carousel Block – no longer clones slides when the screen is resized #3132
  • Fixed: Carousel Block – DOM events now work correctly in slides when infinite scrolling is enabled #3137
  • Fixed: Columns Block – block error when deleting a block in Firefox #3148

Version 3.12.14

April 3, 2024

  • Fixed: Table of Contents Block – WordPress 6.5 compatibility in the Site Editor #3133
  • Fixed: Table of Contents Block – Auto-generate anchors now work after the editor refreshes #3133
  • Fixed: (Hotfix) Rolled back separator fix since it was producing errors #3131
  • Fixed: Some blocks may produce errors when editing in multisite when editing as a non-super user #3130
  • Fixed: In multisite, prevent parts of custom icons from being stripped #3130
  • Fixed: Buttons block – full width now occupies the entire full width correctly #2991

Version 3.12.13

March 26, 2024

  • Fixed: (Hotfix update) Rolled back some optimizations that caused styling issues in the frontend after saving.

Version 3.12.12

March 26, 2024

  • New: WordPress 6.5 compatibility #3115 #3116 #333
  • New: Improved editor and saving performance #3119 #3114
  • New: Added support for Metabox settings #330
  • New: Columns Block – you can now wrap columns in desktop view #3072
  • New: Carousel Block – new infinite scroll option #3060
  • New: Added thumbnail option for video backgrounds #3040
  • New: Border color picker now has the new opacity slider #3074
  • New: Design Library – added error logger in the network tab for easy checking of errors #3112
  • New: WooCommerce – dynamic content product description now has option to not strip HTML tags #331
  • Change: Removed Navigation Panel feature – it was already disabled by default back in 3.10.2 #3119
  • Fixed: Prevent bottom separator from overlapping content #3081
  • Fixed: Card block – fixed possible block error when reseting layouts #3080
  • Fixed: Posts block – better display for horizontal layouts with large featured image #3108
  • Fixed: Tabs block – changing styles now updates the border radius correctly #3106
  • Fixed: Lightbox – prevent possible PHP error #3083
  • Fixed: Security improvements

Version 3.12.11

February 19, 2024

  • New: You can now use YouTube shorts and unlisted Vimeo videos in the Video Popup block
  • Fixed: Ordered Icon List block numerals no longer wrap to the next line
  • Fixed: Native list block behaviors no longer create Stackable Icon List Item blocks
  • Fixed: Clicking WooCommerce add to cart button no longer changes the Tabs block to the first tab
  • Fixed: No longer need to have v2 compatibility enabled for the random order option to work in the Posts block
  • Fixed: Carousel block default icon color can now be changed correctly
  • Fixed: Pasting a bullet list no longer converts it to a Stackable Icon List block
  • Fixed: Frontend scripts now will not initialize more than once
  • Fixed: Updated .pot file to allow manual JS strings translations

Version 3.12.10

February 10, 2024

  • Fixed: (Hotfix update) Some themes can add bullets or numbers on the Icon List block

Version 3.12.9

February 9, 2024

  • New: Revamp of Icon List Block (please expect some slight changes in the block’s appearance after the block migrates)
  • New: New Icon List Block options: item borders, vertical icon alignment, and more
  • New: Cleaner output: inlined script for animations is no longer added if there are no animations
  • New: Dynamic Content: you can now search for a post ID in the post search field
  • Fixed: Block error when adding an anchor on a Button block
  • Fixed: Clicking once on links inside the Carousel block now works in iOS
  • Fixed: Anchors are not anymore copied with our copy and paste style feature
  • Fixed: Error when using a category that’s shown as a link
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Thrive themes global header
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Core Framework: inspector panels now open properly

Version 3.12.8

December 12, 2023

  • New: (Hotfix update) Added new option “Lazy Load Images within Carousels” that fixes carousel spacing issues with some image lazy loading solutions
  • Fixed: (Hotfix update) Turned carousel image lazy loading fix into an option instead of a default
  • Fixed: Dropdown arrows in the block resizers shows up as a square / no icon
  • Fixed: Accessibility warning in lightboxes that aria-* attributes are misspelled

Version 3.12.7

December 11, 2023

  • New: Better multisite support
  • New: Multisite network license key activation is now possible
  • New: Font Awesome 6 support, you can now choose between Font Awesome 5 and 6 icon libraries from the settings
  • Fixed: You can now use text formatting on Image block captions
  • Fixed: Dynamic Content show different post data when used with JetEngine loops and other query builders
  • Fixed: Better scrollbar styling support with Firefix
  • Fixed: Column size indicator sometimes shows up as a square / no icon and without a label
  • Fixed: Dynamic breakpoints not producing correct breakpoints when used with specific values
  • Fixed: Conditional Display can produce a PHP error if post meta is an array
  • Fixed: Inner block gap option sometimes resets to 0
  • Fixed: Accordion block now opens correctly when editing in the theme Customizer
  • Fixed: Carousel & Horizontal scroller height issues when images are lazy loaded
  • Fixed: Corrected account and contact us links in the settings when network activated
  • Fixed: Network activating will no longer redirect to a 404 page

Version 3.12.6

November 10, 2023

  • Fixed: Block error for blocks with containers and video backgrounds #2967

Version 3.12.5

November 9, 2023

  • Fixed: Edge case PHP error with unique id checking #2961
  • Fixed: Resolved PHP warning with Metabox integration #317

Version 3.12.4

November 1, 2023

  • New: WordPress 6.4 compatibility
  • New: Tabs block option: Equal tab height – to toggle on/off equal tab heights #2844
  • New: Dynamic Content: Added “show as link” option for author name and taxonomies #2878
  • New: Image block now has a built-in caption #2875
  • New: You can now use a URL for images and background images #2873
  • Change: Tabs block now by default will now have non-equal tab heights
  • Change: Added note in fixed background option that it only works in desktop and Android mobile #2917
  • Fixed: Carousel block is now RTL compatible #2910
  • Fixed: Duplicated blocks that are inserted dynamically will now style correctly #2890
  • Fixed: Margin bottom draggable control now works correctly when using percentage #2904
  • Fixed: Added border radius corner icons #2914
  • Fixed: Timeline block lines now connect properly in Firefox #2872
  • Fixed: Timeline block in Safari mobile workaround: now always filled with accent color #2912
  • Fixed: Progress bar and circle blocks now show correctly dynamic content if edited in widgets #2952
  • Fixed: Dragging margin bottom control is now smoother #2904

Version 3.12.3

October 18, 2023

  • Fixed: When updating a container, it has a chance of incorrectly enabling the container
  • Fixed: Resolved PHP warning about global styles variable
  • Fixed: Accordion block produces a PHP error on saving when structure is malformed
  • Fixed: Prevent new border radius control from overflowing the corners

Version 3.12.2

October 13, 2023

  • Fixed: (Hotfix update) PHP error if using PHP 7.2 and below

Version 3.12.2

October 8, 2023

  • Fixed: (Hotfix update) Possible PHP error with Dynamic Content

Version 3.12.0

October 6, 2023

  • New: WooCommerce integration: you can now use WooCommerce product fields in Dynamic Content and inside the native Query Loop block (premium) #2907
  • New: WooCommerce integration: you can now use WooCommerce product fields as Display Conditions (premium) #2907
  • New: Enhanced color picker: now includes opacity #2740
  • New: Enhanced gradient color picker: multiple color stops, type and angle. Also supports theme gradient colors. #2740
  • New: Accordion FAQ Schema option #2874
  • New: You can now adjust border radius corners individually #2877
  • Change: Global colors can no longer be used when picking gradient colors (backward compatible, if you used them before, they will still work unless the gradient is edited)
  • Fixed: Global settings get removed when switching between code view and visual view #2855
  • Fixed: Posts block, added missing note about extra options #2879
  • Fixed: Global typography preview now reflects the theme’s default font family #2858

Version 3.11.6

October 6, 2023

  • Fixed: Design Library not loading, changed CDN

Version 3.11.5

September 25, 2023

  • Fixed: Fixed styles not loading the the Getting Started page in Firefox #2901
  • Fixed: Remote URLs in lightbox gallery now work correctly #2864
  • Fixed: PHP warning in PHP 8.2 #2897
  • Fixed: Possible PHP warning in admin from Freemius SDK

Version 3.11.4

September 11, 2023

  • New: Added Video Popup block options: disable video download, no full screen & enable/disable loop for self-hosted videos #2876
  • New: Range controls now show the inherited value from larger screen sizes as placeholders #2859
  • Fixed: Responsive column widths now reset when decreasing columns to one ##2792
  • Fixed: Parent hover state cannot be selected without reselecting a recently moved block 3573c51
  • Fixed: Accordion toggle animation is now works when inside columns #2728
  • Fixed: Firefox fixes for alignments, removed polyfill script for :has selector #2824
  • Fixed: Spacer block dragging again fails to update the editor #2866
  • Fixed: Single columns block spacing looks different in Firefox #2862
  • Fixed: Column arrangement’s responsive values do not disappear on refresh #2706
  • Fixed: Timeline block – if background is enabled, dot is not aligned on mobile #2863
  • Fixed: JetEngine PHP warning

Version 3.11.3

August 23, 2023

  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with WordPress 6.1
  • Fixed: Dynamic Content now display in the editor correctly when used in a Query Loop block
  • Fixed: Typing on a field will turn “current post” Dynamic Content source source to a specific post ID

Version 3.11.2

August 21, 2023

  • Fixed: (Hotfix update) PHP error missing function encountered sometimes when updating

Version 3.11.1

August 18, 2023

  • Fixed: (Hotfix update) PHP error missing function encountered sometimes when updating

Version 3.11.0

August 18, 2023

  • New: Timeline block
  • New: Various performance optimizations, lesser memory usage and better script loading #2835
  • New: Page now scrolls to the opened Accordion if it’s not in the viewport #2726
  • New: Added a tip when incorrectly using a Google Map in a lightbox #2807
  • New: Added some new getting started videos
  • Fixed: Blocks were not being loaded in the Customizer for classic themes #2846
  • Fixed: Blocks can encounter an error when dragging inside or from a pattern or template #2768 #2791
  • Fixed: Picking an icon from the icon picker inside the editor area doesn’t work #2772
  • Fixed: Block link now correctly occupies the entire container block if it has a background #2743
  • Fixed: Removed ReactDom.render console error messages #2786
  • Fixed: Native spacing tabs appear in WP < 6.3 #2837 #2828
  • Fixed: Columns content max width unit resets after saving #2826
  • Fixed: Icon gap responsive settings resets after saving #2670
  • Fixed: Carousel now uses passive listeners to improve scrolling performance #2831
  • Fixed: Sometimes inactive tabs can still get mouse focus

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