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All Premium Plans Include

More Ready-Made Designs & UI Kits

Access additional block designs, UI Kits & separator options that provide endless design possibilities.

Motion Effects

Use great entrance and exit effects to make your transitions even more eye catching.

Dynamic Content

Create stunning dynamic websites with Stackable blocks using dynamic sources, conditional displays, custom fields and query loops.

Role Manager

Safeguard the integrity of your designs by having control over who can tweak your website content.

Advanced & Flexible Design Controls

Allow users to have the design freedom and capacity to create anything down to the last detail.

Advanced Blog Post Options

Get custom post types, select posts to display, and add a load more button for infinite scroll.

One-on-One Support

Work better and worry-free as you enjoy access to hands-on technical support.

CSS Customization

Go beyond the usual block options and tailor fit your designs to achieve your unique creative vision.

Compare Stackable Free vs. Premium

General FeaturesFreePremium
Page Builder-like Design Options
Custom Blocks4244
Fast Page Loading Speed
Style Block Hover States
Advanced Copy-Paste Styles
One-on-one Customer Support
Regular Premium Updates
Dynamic Content FeaturesFreePremium
Display Dynamic Content from Post Data
Display Fields from ACF, Metabox & JetEngine
Built-in Custom Fields
Use in the Native Query Loop
Advanced Block OptionsFreePremium
Custom Attributes
Responsive Options
Transform Options
Motion Effects
Per-Block Custom CSS
Conditional Block Display
Layered Shape Dividers
Design Library TemplatesFreePremium
Block Designs 100447
Unique UI Kits837
Wireframes 6565
Conditional Display FeaturesFreePremium
Display Block based on Condition
One or Multiple Conditions
Display by User Status, Role, Date, and more
Display by Post Data or Metadata
Design ToolsFreePremium
Block Layouts3387
Flexbox Controls
Image & Background Overlays
Upload Own SVG Icons
Advanced Block Spacing
Block Hover Styles
Clickable Containers
Saving Default Block Styles
Lightbox Support
50+ Image Blob Shapes
Gradient Multicolor & BG Shape for Icons
Global SettingsFreePremium
Global Typography
Global Colors
Posts Block FeaturesFreePremium
Basic Settings
Display Specific Posts Only
Custom Post Types
Offset Posts
Load More Button
Pagination Block
Agency ToolsFreePremium
Block CSS Customizer
User Role Manager
Desktop, Tablet and Mobile-Specific Options
Advanced Column Collapsing
Hide / Show on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
Font Awesome Free
Google Fonts
Font Awesome Pro
Meta Box

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I downloaded Stackable and after a short time went ahead and got the Premium version. The standard (free) version will work for most, but I just wanted more control over finer points – control that the Premium version gave me. Great product.

Denise Todd
Denise Todd

Author, Public Speaker, and Writers’ Advocate

I previously used a page builder for my website, but that is so 2018! Gutenberg with Stackable is all most folks will ever need. Plus, it’s easy to use. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve, but that is more with Gutenberg, in general, rather than with Stackable. The free Stackable plugin is excellent; Stackable Premium version is even more excellent. 🙂 It’s kind of like hitting the road in a BMW X5 vs. a MB G Class SUV. Either way, you’re gonna show up in style. (You’d think I was a car guy, but I prefer pickups.) I suggest you download Stackable and embrace it — give it a full-body hug — in a staging environment, you will be impressed. By the way, I’m a very hard grader. Very hard.

Ron Trujillo
Ron Trujillo


I like the Stackable Blocks a lot. I recommend Stackable to all that want to build their sites with Gutenberg. I used the free version and switched to the premium one after a week, that was a no-brainer. It just works, it’s stable, fast and the customization options are very powerful – the custom css per block feature is a very nice approach. Keep up the good work.

Michael Galli
Michael Galli


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