Container Block

The container is a robust and flexible block that allows you to combine different blocks in a single row. You can change the container layout and size to different configurations for ultimate flexibility.


Full Height Container with Gradient & Fixed Image Background

Nested Blocks: Posts, Heading, Paragraph & Spacer

Time for Yourself is Time Unwasted

I love my job. With it, I get to express my passions and grow my talent. I love my company. I have the best boss and co-workers that anyone can ask for. Be this as it may, I sometimes find myself in the middle of the busy work week, sitting in my cubicle wondering if…

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Greece: A Place of History & Luxury

Greece – the birthplace of an ancient civilization on which most of the modern world is based. When one thinks of Greece, imposing marble pillars, delicate and intricate statues and a society that bred philosophers, poets, artists and statesmen come to mind. It is a place that is full of history, and yet it is…

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  • Place any block inside
  • Supports wide and full-width
  • Changeable height: short, tall, half-screen height or full-screen height
  • Option to use image, video, fixed image & gradient background
  • Changeable color for text & background
  • Adjustable vertical content alignment
  • Adjustable shadows & corner radius
  • Contents can occupy the entire width, align left, center, or right
  • Option to restrict content width
  • Adjustable shadow & outline
  • Responsive

Half-Screen Right Aligned Container

Image with Gradient Background with Heading and Paragraph as nested blocks.

Tall Container with Tinted Video Background

Nested blocks: Feature grid, Heading and Paragraph

Feature 1
Feature 1

Some feature description for an awesome feature

Feature 2
Feature 2

Some feature description for an awesome feature

Feature 3
Feature 3

Some feature description for an awesome feature

Wide Width Container

Half & align left with Heading, Paragraph & Button blocks nested.

Full Height Container with BG Image

Nested blocks: Heading, Button & Spacer

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