Further elaborate your website’s data structure using JetEngine and display that data dynamically with Stackable’s advanced dynamic functionality!

About JetEngine

JetEngine is a plugin that gives users the ability to append additional information to their WordPress website! JetEngine makes it easy to create custom meta boxes, taxonomies and post types, whether you’re a professional, or a beginner with no prior coding knowledge.

Requirements for JetEngine integration:
  • JetEngine PRO plugin
  • Stackable Premium
What You Can Do with JetEngine and Stackable
Customize how you store your data

Whether it’s a website for you, your business, or your client. Have the ability to completely personalize how data is stored on your website.

Build with dynamic sources

Populate blocks with information from custom meta boxes, or taxonomies wherever dynamic content is available. Now you can create lists, archives with no fuss!

Stackable Integrates With JetEngine


Stackable now has support for JetEngine–this means that you can use data stored through JetEngine’s meta boxes in Stackable blocks. Update to the latest version of Stackable and the integration will be automatic!

Displaying JetEngine Meta Fields Using Stackable Blocks


You can use JetEngine Meta Fields as Dynamic Sources with Stackable’s Dynamic Content feature. This integration will allow you to display your JetEngine Meta Field content inside Stackable blocks and native blocks.

Unlock this integration with Stackable Premium