Stackable Integrates With JetEngine

Stackable Integrates With JetEngine

Creating dynamic websites just got easier: Stackable is now integrated with JetEngine!

Stackable now has support for JetEngine–this means that you can use data stored through JetEngine’s meta boxes in Stackable blocks. Update to the latest version of Stackable and the integration will be automatic!

How to Use JetEngine Meta Boxes with Stackable

To use data from meta boxes you’ve created using JetEngine, click on the Stackable block that you want to insert it to. Then click on the Dynamic Fields icon on the toolbar and select the Dynamic Source. Here, you have four options: Current post, Other posts, Site, and Latest post.

Next, in the Field menu, select the field that you want to fetch data from. You can scroll to look for the specific custom field which will be grouped under “JetEngine”. You can also just type the label you’ve used to name it! Once you click Apply, the text will be replaced with a placeholder. But not to worry, when you preview the page or reload the editor, it should display the data itself!

How to Use JetEngine Taxonomies with Stackable

You will also find the metadata you store for taxonomies made with JetEngine!

To do this, click on the Stackable block you want to insert it to. Click on the Dynamic Fields icon on the toolbar and in the Fields, select Post Taxonomy. There, you can select the Taxonomy you’ve created with JetEngine.

Next, choose the Field you want to fetch data from. Here, since we only have one field, it’s the only one that’s available. We’re going to apply that and then that should be updated in the page or post.

Using JetEngine with Stackable and Query Loops

You could use JetEngine meta boxes wherever dynamic content is available. One example is the core Query Loop block. This is helpful because you can create archives or lists of pages, posts, or just about any post type.

When you add the Query Loop block, just add a Stackable block and click on the Dynamic Fields icon. Select which field you want to display, in this case, we’ll be using the Availability field to display which rental the website visitors can get. 

Once you’re finished making your website dynamic, you may then customize the blocks as you usually would using Stackable’s extensive design controls and features! You could even use Stackable’s ready-made UI kits and have a dynamic website ready in no time. 

To learn more about this integration, you may go through our documentation.

Build with Stackable and JetEngine

This integration is available for Stackable Premium users. If you’re not a Stackable Premium user yet, check out our plans and upgrade now!

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