Separator Block

The separator block allows you to add gorgeous transitions between sections on your page. Choose from different shape dividers to draw attention to important sections.


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<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">7 Layouts</span>
11 Layouts

Wave 1. Wave 2. Wave 3. Slant 1, Slant 2. Curve 1. Curve 2. Curve 3. Rounded 1. Rounded 2.

<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">General Style Options</span>
Separator Style Options

Separator Color. Separator Width. Flip Horizontally. Shadow.

<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">Typography Options</span><br>
General Style Options & Spacing

Height. Flip Horizontally. Flip Vertically. Paddings. Margins.

<span style="color: #f34957;" class="ugb-highlight">Background Options</span>
Additional Layers

Two Additional Layer Options for Premium. Layer Height. Layer Width. Flip Horizontally. Opacity. 19 Mix Blend Modes

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