Eseential Block

Icon Button Block

The Icon Button Gutenberg Block for WordPress allows you to use icons-only buttons. With access to over a thousand icons options, plus the ability to upload your own SVG icons – give your buttons a brand new exciting feel.

Block Styles

Choose from the following block styles:

  • Default
  • Ghost
  • Pill
  • Link

Styling Options

Style your block with the following inspector and toolbar options:

  • Multiple button hover effects
  • Several icon options
  • Button sizing & spacing
  • Button borders & shadows
  • Transform & Transition Effects
  • Motion Effects

Best Used With

Customize your call to action to your website’s needs with the following blocks:

Here are some other samples of our block

You may also check out how these samples were designed by watching our video on it or copying the block’s code.

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2-column block with a heading. text and button block on the left, and an icon button block on the right

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feature block with a nested icon list block and an icon button block

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