Special Block

Blog Posts Block

The Blog Posts block for WordPress enables you to present your latest blog articles using great layouts. You can also choose the different details and information to be displayed.

With our Blog Posts, you can…

  • Showcase your latest blog posts
  • Highlight your different portfolio categories
  • Feature specific post articles
  • Display dynamically loaded blog posts

Block Layouts

Choose from the following block layouts:

  • Default
  • List
  • Image Card
  • Horizontal
  • Horizontal 2
  • Portfolio
  • Portfolio 2
  • Vertical Card
  • Vertical Card 2

Styling Options

Style your block with the following inspector and toolbar options:

  • Content Arrangement Option
  • Display Specific Posts or Categories
  • Display Featured Image, Meta, Category, Title, Excerpt, Read More Link
  • Order Content by Publish Date, Alphabetical Order, Last Modified, Menu Order or Randomly
  • Container Background, Size & Spacing, Borders & Shadows Options
  • Block Background, Size & Spacing, Borders & Shadows Options
  • Transform & Transition Effects
  • Motion Effects

Best Used With

Customize your call to action to your website’s needs with the following blocks:

Here are some other samples of our block

You may also check out how these samples were designed by watching our video on it or copying the block’s code.

BLog post block with an image card layout and a highlighted post category

Blog post block with a portfolio layout and a blue overlay color on the featured image

Blog post block with a vertical card 2 layout and meta & category toggled off

blog post block with a horizontal 2 layout and post category toggled off

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