AI Tools That Every Web Designer Needs to Know About

AI Tools That Every Web Designer Needs to Know About

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a pivotal tool for all types of users, whether for web developers, writers, artists, and so much more. AI is no longer a “futuristic” concept, it’s starting to become a practical tool that’s reshaping work productivity.

AI could particularly be helpful for web designers as well, utilizing it to create, optimize or personalize online experiences. It is to say, of course, that the role of AI in web design is not to eliminate web designers but to aid them in their process. The role of AI in web design is mainly to enhance creativity and efficiency in every designer’s process; from automating mundane tasks to generating design elements.

Types of AI Tools

There are a handful of AI tools with different capabilities that can transform web design. Depending on your objective, you will always find one for you.

Enhancing Creativity

For those seeking tools for inspiration, there are a variety of AI tools that cater to different aspects of the design process. AI can suggest color schemes, typography, or even help you with content generation or design inspiration.


Fontjoy is designed to help designers and creatives with font pairing. Choosing the right combination of fonts is crucial for ensuring readability, enhancing aesthetic appeal, and maintaining consistency across a design. Fontjoy uses machine learning to simplify this process.


Canva AI is a whole suite of tools designed to generate content which people can use for web design. With tools like Magic Animate that brings static designs to life, or Magic Write that serves as a text generator that could simplify the process of creating copy or content ideas, you can streamline the creative process and enable designers to produce high-quality content more efficiently.

Shutterstock AI

Shutterstock has always been known as a library of stock photos that designers can use for web design. Now, their AI can be used to generate new and unique images based on only text prompts. It also provides tools that automate complex photo editing tasks like background removal, image expansion, or even erasing unwanted objects. Shutterstock AI is enhances and simplifies the content creation process, specifically for images.


Midjourney is the leading AI program that creates images from text prompts. It operates on Discord as a bot that generates images when a user messages their prompt that start with the command “/imagine”. It will then return a set of four images, offering users options to upscale the images for a more detailed view or to enhance it.

Midjourney is a valuable tool that web designers can use to make their creative process more efficient. By making image generation easier, designers can now easily produce images for their web designs.


ChatGPT offers a range of functionalities that could assist web designers in their work. Whether it’s to generate content or to brainstorm design ideas, ChatGPT can significantly enhance the efficiency of web design projects.


ColorMagic is an AI-powered color palette generator that helps users create ideal color combinations based on text prompts. This tool is particularly helpful for web designers by quickly generating harmonious color schemes that align with specific themes or concepts.

Streamlining the Design Process

AI can significantly increase the efficiency of a web designer’s workflow by automating repetitive tasks. Whether it’s converting sketches into functional prototypes, or offering suggestions/feedback on usability, AI allows designers to focus on the creative aspect of web design than manual labor.

More than that, there are also AI tools that make it easier to test different elements of a design. Doing this allows designers to determine what works best for engaging users with minimum effort.


Uizard is designed to simplify the UI design process, making it accessible for both non-designers and professionals. It enables users to create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes easily. One of its key features is by providing UI designs from text prompts, convert hand-drawn sketches or screenshots into editable mockups.

Uizard makes it so much easier for web designers to bring their creative visions to life quickly.


CodeWP is designed to automate and simplify the process of generating clean and customizable code for WordPress websites. By enhancing the web development process for both developers and non-developers, it makes creating optimized websites effortless.

CodeWP makes web design and development more accessible to a wider audience, even those without extensive coding knoweldge.

Predict by Neurons

Predict by Neurons helps web designers by predicting human attention and cognition, specifically how they behave while browsing a website. It ensures the effectiveness of the different elements in a website by analyzing a vast database of consumer neuroscience data to provide instant and accurate predictions of how audiences interact with a website.

It isn’t just limited to web design, it also has other features that every web designer needs to improve a website, such as A/B testing, eCommerce optimization, advertising, UI improvements, and more.

Expanding Web Capabilities

AI extends the functional boundaries of websites like personalization, or improving user interactions. AI can tailor web experiences to individual preferences thus making content on a website more relevant and engaging. is a platform that optimizes landing pages for higher conversion rates. It simplifies the A/B testing process by automating the creatin and execution of tests, mnaking it accessible even to those with no prior knowledge of A/B testing.

This tool addresses common issues associated with traditional A/B testing, such as deciding what to test, choosing combinations to test, and more. is the perfect tool for those who want to spend less time managing A/B testing, and focus more on the other aspects of managing a website.


Intercom is a software that specializes in customer support. It provides a single platform for businesses to chat with customers across various channels. Its AI, called Fin, introduces advanced features that make customer interactions more efficient and effective. It automatically solves customer issues with answers based on content you provide.

Although Fin is primarily focused on customer support, it significantly improves a website’s user engagement by improving the quality of customer interactions.


In conclusion, AI tools revolutionizes web design. From enhancing creativity, to streamlining design processes, AI empowers designers to push the boundaries of innovation and efficiency. As AI continues to evolve, embracing these tools will not only elevate the quality of web design but also redefine the way designers approach their craft, ensuring they stay at the forefront of digital innovation.

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