Powerful, Seamless WooCommerce Integration


Your online store’s possibilities just became limitless, opening new doors to design, functionality, and user experience like never before.

Combine WooCommerce’s e-commerce capabilities with Stackable’s design flexibility to elevate your online store

Create Dynamic Websites with Advanced Custom Fields


Easily create beautiful and functional pages for your website with Advanced Custom Fields.

Unlock a whole new way of displaying your content with ACF’s custom fields and Stackable’s impressive design tools.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce has empowered online stores across the globe with its extensive, user-friendly e-commerce
capabilities. As an open-source WordPress plugin, it enables businesses of all sizes to set up and run an online store with ease, offering numerous extensions and designs, and managing secure payments and shipping
configurations effortlessly.

Requirements for WooCommerce integration:

  • Stackable Premium

What You Can Do with WooCommerce and Stackable

Build Product Displays

Go beyond the traditional product displays by combining Stackable’s powerful blocks and design controls with WooCommerce to uniquely showcase products on your online store.

Build Product Archives

Create not just a catalog, but an exceptional and engaging browsing experience for your online customers.
This WooCommerce integration works perfectly with Stackable’s Dynamic Content and the core Query Loop block to create organized, user-friendly product archives.

Display Information with Conditions

Use Stackable’s conditional display features with WooCommerce to control when product details are shown, providing straightforward and relevant information to customers as they shop.

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Introducing: WooCommerce Integration and Enhanced Color, Gradient & Opacity Settings


We’ve finished the development of the first two stops and we’re excited to announce that you can now enjoy Enhanced Color, Gradient & Opacity Settings, and WooCommerce Dynamic Content in our latest release!

How to Use Dynamic Content with WooCommerce Products


You can use WooCommerce Product Fields with Stackable’s Dynamic Content feature, and inside the native Query Loop block. You can also use it as display conditions with the Conditional Display feature.

Create a Unique Featured Product Display with Stackable and WooCommerce (A Step-by-Step Guide)


WooCommerce is now compatible with Stackable blocks! If your Stackable is updated to version 3.12 and up, then this integration offers dynamic content fetching from WooCommerce fields.

Unlock this integration with Stackable Premium