Separators Are Here

Separators Are Here

Last Updated on June 3, 2021

We’re giving you additional thrilling design capabilities with Separator Blocks. Choose from 10 different waves, curves and slant designs and make sure your site visitors enjoy their scrolling experience.

Separator Block

Introduced in version 1.15.0, the separator’s main purpose is to provide a decorative transition between the different sections of your site. If you have two different areas with different backgrounds, something fancier than a straight horizontal line is better.

You can stretch your separators horizontally or vertically to mold it into the shape that you need.

Adding Separator Blocks between Container blocks work great since you can adjust the top and bottom margins of the separator to hide your image or video background behind the decorative separator.

Premium Layer Effects

All separator designs are available in Stackable free. For our Premium users, we give you 2 additional layers for each separator design.

As with the main separator design, you can colorize these new layers, stretch them and fade them out. What you can do with these new additional layers are pretty amazing.

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