Design a Website Section in 10 Easy Steps

Design a Website Section in 10 Easy Steps

Last Updated on June 27, 2022

Though it’s still in its infancy, the new WordPress block editor has already made page building easier and straightforward. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to design and implement a website section using the new WordPress block editor + Stackable.

1. Add a Block

Choose the block that you want to use from the WordPress block library.

2. Choose a Layout

Choose from the professionally-designed layouts that comes with Stackable and Stackable Premium. You can easily pick and choose the style you want by seamlessly switching between the available layouts.

Using the layout of your choice, you can also toggle between different alignment options available for each block.

3. Remove the parts that you don’t need

Stackable blocks come with different areas that can filled-in, but since there may be times that not all the areas are needed, you can easily remove each part (title, description, button) by simply deleting the text.

4. Choose your background

There is a variety of very interesting background options you can choose from – use different colors (single or gradient), tinted and fixed images, videos or a mix and match of these to make your block pop.

5. Style each of the portions of your block

Tweak the styles, colors, borders, shadows and other aspects of the different block areas. Choose from different text colors, image sizes, button styles and alignments.

6. Add different effects

Different blocks come with different available effects built-in – use the different hover effects to make the section stand out even more.

7. Add the final copy and links to your block

After all the lay-outing and design changes, simply type in the final copy of your section and make sure that you have complete and correct links.

8.Seamlessly switch between layouts (optional)

If after all of this, you want to check out other layout options again, you can seamlessly switch layouts again without breaking your design (and without having to redesign from scratch).

9. Save and Publish

Happy with the final product? Go ahead – save and publish.

10. Enjoy your Work

Yes… Block designing is so easy that the last step is to gladly review and enjoy your work.

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