Version 2: The Future of Stackable

Version 2: The Future of Stackable

Last Updated on July 24, 2020

We are currently working on great changes to Stackable to give our users even more power at their finger tips. Here is the low down of what we are busy cooking up. Updated: 25 July 2019

Update: Version 2 is now out 🤟

We are still hard at work on the Version 2 update. In the meantime, check out the demo of V2 (still in beta) so you can have a taste of what it will be like for the future of Stackable. 🤟

Additional Basic Options

While we’ve received rave reviews on the charm of Stackable’s simplicity of use, we’ve received requests to have more design options that figure into basic page building. There are many great suggestions for improving Stackable and we always listen to the people who matter most (our users, of course!). These are just some of the improvements to the basic customization options you can expect in version 2:

  • Font family and sizes
  • Spacing options
  • Image sizes
  • New block background options
  • Ability to go full-width for all blocks
  • Toggle on/off different block elements

Advanced Customization Options

We’ve also received requests to allow more customization options for advanced users. Since we want to address the different needs of different Stackable users, we are including advanced settings in version 2. This will allow advanced users to have more control over their block layouts and designs through the following:

  • Advanced typography
  • Paddings and margins
  • Column spacing
  • Improved separators
  • Advanced settings for block backgrounds
  • Other advanced design options

To make sure that Stackable will remain easy to use for novices and advanced users alike, we are streamlining the block editing experience. We are also clearly delineating layout options, basic design options and advanced options by using three tabs for the inspector design. This will hopefully preserve the simplicity of Stackable for all users.

Improved Responsiveness

We’re improving Stackable’s mobile responsiveness by allowing users to tweak specific settings for tablet and mobile. These can be expected with version 2:

  • Mobile options for font sizes
  • Mobiles options for spacing and paddings
  • Alternate image backgrounds
  • Option to hide blocks on mobile

We are pumped for all these improvements that will come with version 2 (still a work-in-progress) and cannot wait to share them with all of you! 🤟💪

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14 thoughts on “Version 2: The Future of Stackable

    1. Hi Rachel!
      Yes! Stackable is now compatible with WPML.
      We’ve already released an update (version 1.16.0). This update includes the integration with WPML.

  1. Hi Benjamin, you wrote that V2 will be available ASAP. And Im just thinking about the ASAP 🙂 Will be V2 ready within days? Weeks? Months? Say something nice please ??

        1. We didn’t expect to face a lot of amazing features upon implementing the V2. ?

          We will release a blog post with our updates soon! ?

  2. Hi Guys,

    Tested the latest beta version and it looks great. Any plans to have the production-ready version launched before the end of the year?

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