Introducing the Design Library and New Block Designs

Introducing the Design Library and New Block Designs

Last Updated on April 17, 2020

In this new update, we’ve added a new Design Library, revamped the current block designs we offered and also more than doubled the number of available designs. Update to version 2.3.0 now.

You should see on the top of your screen the Stackable “Design Library” button. Click it to bring up the Design Library popup which as of this writing contains 139 block designs.

The Design Library Popup

Once you have the Design Library open, you can use the left pane to filter out the different designs. You can search for specific colors, blocks, light or dark designs and design names.

You can also toggle between viewing larger, normal or smaller design previews as well.

Premium Designs

As of this writing, the design library contains a total of 139 designs. 73 of which are free designs. Premium users will have access to the entire library.

Releasing of Future Designs

When we release new designs in the future, you won’t have to update the plugin in order to get them. Your design library will check for any new designs every day and make sure you have the latest ones.

You can also use the Refresh button to prompt the library to update itself.

Revamped Block Designs Panel

In a previous update, we introduced switchable block designs. Inside the Layout tab of almost every Stackable block, you could find a number of block designs. You could easily switch between those designs while keeping your content intact.

This area has been improved as well. Now you can search through the designs, and you can also bring up the Design Library popup if you need a better view of all the available designs.

New “No Padding” Option

Block backgrounds are an easy way to turn your blocks into entire sections in your site. Turning it on would always add paddings to ensure that your block’s content can breathe. We’ve added a new option so that you can turn off the paddings if you don’t need them.

Important Bug Fixes

Aside from the amazing Design Library, we’ve also managed to address quite a number of bugs for this release. Here are the most notable ones:

Fixed the PHP 7.4 parenthesis warning. Some users have reported a warning that showed up regarding ternary parenthesis in their admins. You shouldn’t see this warning anymore.

Addressed a lot of IE11 incompatibilities. Some users have told us concerns that some of their site visitors still use IE11 and we’ve finally fixed a large number of layout issues with IE11. This is for the frontend only though!

A bunch of options not being followed. We’ve addressed a number of bug reports about some block options not working in some scenarios. Mostly the issues were regarding themes and responsiveness.

13 thoughts on “Introducing the Design Library and New Block Designs

  1. Great wp plugin, i love it. I do have one question though regarding the “blog posts” module. I can set an x amount of posts to be displayed, but i have no option for pagination, do i?

    1. Yes that’s correct. We don’t have an option for pagination right now. An alternative is to just show a few posts in your page, then add a link to another page that contains a Blog Posts block that shows older posts and a lot more entries.

  2. Thanks Benjamin. I really enjoy your plugin. I love the No Padding option the best. Apart from new features, the bugs fixed are also very important to improve the plugin.

  3. I am a new comer to stackable, I would really love to be able to create overlapping blocks to make interesting designs, do you think this woul be possible with your blocks.

    1. Yes, you can overlap the blocks by adjusting the Block Margins, this option is inside the Advanced Tab > Block Spacing.

      Block Margins will let you set the space outside the block between the block border and the next block.

  4. The designs are great! Thank you for your work.

    Would greatly appreciate if you could also add a modal block, with container so we could build some magnet lead or offers on landing/product pages without needing another plugin.

    Thank you,

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