Text Color and Text Highlight

Text Color and Text Highlight

Last Updated on June 4, 2021

In this amazing update, we bring you a new way to customize the colors of your text across different blocks – even native WordPress blocks! This is available in version 1.17.0, so update now.

We’d like to show you our latest feature: Highlight Text. With this feature you can change the color or add a highlight color on any text on almost any block. Here it is in action:

Text color highlight
Text background highlight

The ability to change colors and highlights of individual words opens a lot of possibilities for your content. It can bring life to an otherwise monotonous tagline. It can also be used to emphasize branding points that are important to you and your audience.

It’s Really Simple To Use

The Highlight Text formatting tool can easily be accessed by highlighting any text, then opening up the More Rich Text Controls drop down in the toolbar. You can also use the shortcut CTRL+h (or ⌘+h in Macs) to quickly open the highlight text popup.

The highlight formatting tool is available for all Stackable blocks as well as the native WordPress blocks such as Heading, Paragraph, List, and more.

Pick Highlight Text in the More Rich Text Controls

In the popup highlight picker, you can simply pick a color to change the text’s color. You can also turn on the Background Highlight toggle to highlight the background instead.

To make things easier, when using the background highlight color, the color of the text is automatically picked for you (white or dark) depending on the highlight color.

Other Fixes

We also have other fixes which are for our Premium customers in this update:

  • Support for media queries in custom CSS
  • Support for rgba rules in custom CSS
  • Responsive issues with the different Feature block layouts

Up until this point we have been mostly sticking to our own blocks (releasing new ones or enhancing our existing lineup). We’re excited to share our first shot at making additions to the native WordPress blocks. Let us know what you think of this update in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Text Color and Text Highlight

  1. Great feature and great implementation. What I am missing is the possibility to pick both the color of the background and the color of the text. The auto text color is smart but in my case I need more control (for example, I have a yellow highlight with a blue text). Thx!

    1. Glad that you liked our new feature! ❤

      This is a great suggestion! We’ll try to see what we can do about this in the future.

      Thanks for the suggestion and we hope you continue to enjoy Stackable. ?

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