5 Easy Ways to Better Tell Your Story Online

5 Easy Ways to Better Tell Your Story Online

Last Updated on June 4, 2021

The best way to make sure that your point comes across well is to tell a great relatable story. Use these tips to make your website a more compelling read.

A good narrative makes for a great way to connect to your audience since it makes you more relatable and accessible. This feeling of commonality between you and your reader will make your audience want to engage with you more – read more of your work, appreciate your art, try out your service/product or participate in your advocacy.

1. Have a Central Theme

Having a clear idea of what you are all about is key to having engaging content. Your central theme, if it resonates, would be the main reason why people would pay your site a visit in the first place.

Also, without a central theme, your message will get muddled and your audience might end up scratching their heads trying to sift through confused content.

One Person, One Tree

If every person were to plant one tree every year, we can save our planet.

2. Present with a Logical Flow

Telling a good story with your site is best done with a good flow in mind. Present nitty gritty details too early and readers might lose interest right off the bat. Use big ideas throughout without giving any specifics and visitors might lose the depth of your content.

The key to a good flow is starting strong with a striking introduction, then display content in a way that would best showcase the details, and finally end with a clear call to action.

The Planet is Worth Saving

Every tree counts toward the recuperation of the environment

One Person, One Tree Campaign
One Person, One Tree Campaign

Our individual contributions to saving the environment is crucial to our cause. If every person were to plant one tree every year, we can save our planet together.

Resources on Climate Change
Resources on Climate Change

Trees are being cut, water levels are rising, wildlife are disappearing. Check data and ways you can participate in saving the planet.

Join Us to Save the Earth

3. Be Thought-Provoking

Remember that you are never speaking to the void, and it is best to appeal to an actual audience. When telling your story, speak with actual people mind and try to evoke real emotions.

Save Our Home,
Save Our Children

Would you let this happen to your home and your child? The Earth is OUR home. Let’s do better so our children will have better.

4. Use Striking Photos and Videos

Just like normal storybooks, photos and videos catch attention and help readers remember your message. A good story leverages great media to make it more thought-provoking.

YOU can save this

If we do not band together, natural wonders like this will be lost forever.

5. Use the Appropriate Tone

The appropriate tone does wonders since it contributes to having the impact that you want. Some subjects call for a more serious voice, others might be better off using good humor. On the flip side, using an inappropriate tone might cause unnecessary confusion, and would hinder you from conveying the correct message.

Love Our Home

The Earth is home to you and me. Let’s make sure we show it the love and care it deserves.


These tips will help in making your website a good place for a compelling story.

  • Have a central theme
  • Present with a logical flow
  • Be thought-provoking
  • Use striking photos and videos
  • Use the appropriate tone

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