Video Backgrounds & Background Gradients

Version 1.14.0 is now out! We’re bringing you new cool ways to style your backgrounds by allowing videos and gradients into the mix.

Video Backgrounds

Web pages with a heading tagline against a subtle video playing on the background are a huge trend right now. It’s no wonder, because video backgrounds can convey a lot emotion and can easily catch the attention of website visitors. Not to mention that video backgrounds really look nice.

Starting now, aside from being able to select an image as your Stackable block’s background, you can also pick videos. We’ve made things really simple too, just upload or pick an mp4 video in your Background Settings panel.

To make things even better, you can also add a colored tint on your video backgrounds the same way you can tint your background images.

Video backgrounds are available for all Stackable blocks with a Background Settings panel.

Here’s a tip our designer discovered: You can add a video background to a Video Popup block to make it look like a video preview is playing before people view the actual video.

Another tip: If you need videos to use as backgrounds, Pexels is a great place to find free videos.

Gradient Backgrounds

We’ve also added the ability to add a secondary color to enable gradient backgrounds.

You can now toggle between single or gradient background colors. Once you’ve selected the gradient option, a new color picker will appear. You’ll also be able to rotate and change the direction of your gradient background.

Probably the best part is that gradient backgrounds work great together with video backgrounds!

Custom CSS

Lastly, if you’re a Stackable Premium customer, in this version you’ll be able to add Custom CSS for every Stackable block. We have a dedicated article on Custom CSS if you want to read more about this new awesome Premium feature.

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3 thoughts on “Video Backgrounds & Background Gradients

  1. Are you able to place CTAs or Buttons over the video as well as text? I’d love to be able to use this at the top of pages as a video banner or as an eye-catching element for creating new conversions.

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