Version 2 is Out!

Version 2 is Out!

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

We have amazing news! Stackable Version 2 is finally here 😎

Version 2 is Finally Here! 🚀

It’s been seven months in the making, and we are very excited to announce that Version 2 is finally here! It is absolutely the biggest update we’ve ever had and has literally changed the face of Stackable.

With its latest iteration, Stackable now offers a whole new way of building stunning sections for any webpage. Always ahead of the curve, we’ve reimagined the way to build sections without having to go through the usual process of using rows and columns. Here are the new features that come with Version 2:

  • Improved user interface to manage section building tools
  • Cutting-edge design options for typography, colors, images & videos
  • Precision controls for spacing, alignment & responsiveness options
  • New Block Layouts and Pre-set Section Designs
  • Block specific updates

As you will see when you download it, the improvements in Version 2 are huge! We’re extremely proud of the brand new capabilities of Stackable which were all implemented with all the suggestions of our great users in mind.

We have also done considerable testing given this extensive update to make sure that all is well and good with live sites. Though in the off chance that you encounter issues, we’ve prepared some tips for troubleshooting.

Given all work that went into this update, we hope you enjoy using the brand new Stackable. Here’s a quick run down of what you can expect from this amazing update:

1. Improved User Interface to Manage Section Building Tools

  • Built-in section/block background options for easier section building
  • 3-tab configuration for layouts, style & advanced settings
  • Toggle on/off section background, title, description, & block elements
  • Streamlined settings panels for each block element
  • New background settings including advanced image settings and advanced gradient settings 
  • Built-in top & bottom separators for every block
  • Z-index for custom block positioning

2. Cutting-edge Design Options for Typography, Colors, Images & Videos

  • Detailed typography settings including font families, font size, font color, font weight, font cases, line height and letter spacing
  • Ability to set headings to specific HTML tags
  • Multiple image shape options like circle, square and 50+ blob shapes
  • Adaptable settings for image size, image positions & image repeat
  • Advanced gradient color and blend mode options

3. Precision Controls for Spacing, Alignment & Responsiveness

  • Custom settings for block dimensions (height and width), paddings & margins
  • Spacing options between each block element (title, description, image, etc.)
  • Toggle on/off blocks for desktop, tablet & mobile
  • Detailed responsiveness settings for font sizes & image displays
  • Responsive image loading for different device types

4. New Block Layouts and Pre-set Section / Block Designs

  • 26 additional block layouts
  • Cohesive pre-set designs across multiple blocks
  • Change block layouts and pre-set section designs with just one click

5. Block-specific Updates


  • Changeable content order – category, titles, etc.
  • New sorting order – by modified dates, menu order, random
  • Supports custom post types
    Filtering by tags
  • Changeable image sizes & dimensions
  • Color settings for links
  • Changeable category label style
  • Changeable separator of post meta
  • Modify excerpt length

Image Box

  • 1 New Layout
  • Different settings for overlay color & overly hover color
  • Color and size settings for line and box layouts
  • Additional options for arrows – color, size & alignment


  • Automatic collapse upon opening of adjacent accordion


  • 1 new layout
  • Built-in social icons


  • 5 new layouts
  • New icon settings
  • New button settings


  • 5 new layouts


  • 4 new layouts


  • 7 new layouts


  • 5 new layouts


  • 2 new layouts

Are you ready to give it a go? We hope you enjoy using this Stackable and the new possibilities that this new version brings. 😇

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2 thoughts on “Version 2 is Out!

  1. Hey, I was thinking to purchase the plugin. But wondering how it will be compatible with AMP plugins .
    Currently I am using AMP for WP to convert all my post to AMP. When I installed the free version and checked the AMP post,I noticed all styling features are gone. Is this plugin can work with AMP?


    1. We’re still investigating AMP compatibility. You can give it a try but we can’t guarantee that it will fully work.

  2. Hi! Your product is great! Bought the premium version and it is working beautifully. That being said, one problem I ran into is that it doesn’t work with the “lazy loading” feature of WP Rocket for images below the fold that are “block background” images. It’s totally possible that I overlooked something in the documentation that will allow this to work, but essentially WP Rocket will lazy load images below the fold that are IMG tags, or that are inline css styles on blocks, and I couldn’t figure out how to make stackable do that. Please make an option in your plugin that will make all background url options be inline css in order to allow WP Rocket to lazy load them.

    I’ve worked around this by making a filter that just using a regex replace to update your plugin generated code to have the background image url as inline.

    1. While we already support lazy loading, however, background images aren’t supported yet.

      We also thought that this might be a good idea to support lazy loading out-of-the-box, so we’ll add this to our suggestion list. We’ll see what we can do about this in the future. ?

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