Useful but Under the Radar Stackable Blocks

Useful but Under the Radar Stackable Blocks

Last Updated on December 10, 2019

The Stackable block collection is diverse. While some Stackable blocks take more of the spotlight, there are other blocks in the Stackable set that, while comparatively light and straightforward, are still quite useful.

The Stackable Block collection is quite an extensive one. With 23 blocks in this set, it is easy to overlook some blocks that are comparatively lighter and more straightforward than most Stackable blocks. We decided to highlight some of them here so our users can have the chance to get to know them a little better, and make the most of the Stackable block collection.

1. Blockquote

The Blockquote block is useful as an eye-catching content and design element for your page. It is meant to be a big and bold way to highlight important text – evocative quotes, important thesis from a post, or great testimonials.

Great messages need to be highlighted, needing the modern equivalent of shouting from the rooftops. This is what the blockquote is meant to do.

With the blockquote block is also versatile from a design perspective. Use the following to get the look that’s perfect for you:

  • 5 design layouts
  • text and quotation color
  • quotation mark design and size
  • background color (single & gradient)
  • background media (image or video)
  • boarder radius
  • shadow outline

2. Notification

Still on the topic of blocks to use for calling attention, the notification block is a useful option for displaying dismissible notices on your site.

Important notice:
This is the notification block. You can use this block to prominently display notices which you can set to be dismissible.

These settings are also useful to make sure that your notification stands out:

  • notification type
  • set as dismissible
  • background & text color
  • boarder radius
  • shadow outline

3. Expand/Show more

As they say, sometimes less is more. The expand/show more block gives you the option to do just what its name connotes – it allows you to display a show text excerpt and hide the remainder of the text. This achieves a cleaner look for your website.

4. Divider

The divider is a great way to portion out sections or separate areas on your page in a clean and straight forward way. While not as fancy or striking as its big brother – the separator, the divider is usually more appropriate for lighter or more minimalist layouts and for posts that need you to focus more on the substance than the design.

As straightforward as the divider is, here are useful settings that you can tweak:

  • divider color
  • divider height & width

5. Spacer

White space is a design element that is often overlooked but extremely important. The spacer block is great to make sure that your webpage design have enough space between content and design elements.

You can adjust the spacer height depending on how much white space you need.


Since the Stackable block collection offers quite a hefty number of blocks, it is easy to overlooked a few of the lighter ones. Here are some useful but under the radar blocks that you should definitely try out to make the most out of Stackable.

  • Blockquote
  • Notification
  • Expand/show more
  • Divider
  • Spacer

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