Better Count Up Block, Backgrounds & Full Widths

Better Count Up Block, Backgrounds & Full Widths

Last Updated on June 7, 2021

We just released Stackable version 1.5. Here’s a run down on what’s new.

Better Count Up Block

The Count Up block is mostly used to display stats. Stuff that your site would proudly display to its visitors, numbers like: number of downloads, number of happy customers, or number of websites powered. The count up block previously only displayed a single number, and if you wanted to display multiple stats side by side, you will have to rely on column blocks.

Not anymore! We’ve polished up the Count Up block with some awesome features:

  • Display 1 to 4 numeric stats side by side
  • Pick a wide & full-width layout
  • Customizable background color, background image and you can add a tint too
  • Mobile responsive, they look great in mobile
Now you can add 4 numeric stats, use the block in full-width and add backgrounds

Backgrounds Settings

Next improvement is with regards to background settings. Our goal is to make each block self-contained and to be ready-to-use, in order to do this, some blocks have their own background settings. We’ve standardized what those background settings are, so now every block that can have a background all have these settings:

Previously, you can only provide background colors for Stackable blocks (aside from the Header block). But now, you can add a background image for any block that has the background settings. You can also tint your background image with a color, and turn on fixed backgrounds.

Marginless Full Width Blocks

Lastly, with the current update, adjacent full-width blocks with backgrounds will now stack on top of each other.  This allows you to have whole sections one after the other without white gaps.

This only works for blocks that are set to full-width and have backgrounds. So if you want to give it a shot, you can create 2 feature blocks one after the other.

Bonus design tip: you can use the same background image across multiple full-width blocks, tint them with different colors or strengths, then turn on fixed backgrounds for each block to get a nice scrolling effect.

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2 thoughts on “Better Count Up Block, Backgrounds & Full Widths

  1. I don’t see how to add the image to the “Feature” block. Con you explain?

    I’m also not able to set the feature blocks full width, but they have to do with the theme I’m using.

    All the besT DD

    1. Hey Dennis! For the Feature block, it’s a 2-column block with one side as the image and the other is for the text. There should be an “Upload Image” button inside the block. For v1.6 and above, there should be a placeholder image that you can click. For the background image of the Feature block, that’s in the inspector options on the side.

      For wide and full-widths, the theme you’re using should be Gutenberg-ready. If you cannot find those buttons in the toolbar, I’m afraid you’ll have to contact the author of the theme so they can support the new Gutenberg features.

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