New in Stackable: Clickable Containers and Pagination

New in Stackable: Clickable Containers and Pagination

Last Updated on July 14, 2021

We’ve just released Stackable V2.16.0 and with it comes clickable containers and pagination. Read more to find out about the update!

If you don’t already know, we have a community where like-minded creative individuals discuss and share their experiences with both Gutenberg and Stackable. This is such a great platform for us to connect with our users, exchange ideas, and get feedback. We always love seeing your websites that are #BuiltwithStackable and learn how you think we could better improve our plugin.

Among all the requests we’ve received for new features, we’ve worked on including these two in Stackable V2.16.0:

  • Clickable Containers
  • Pagination

Clickable Containers

Clickable container
Clickable container

We’ve gotten a great deal of requests for clickable containers. Clickable containers let you attach a link to the whole container or card instead of just the button. You could also eliminate the button completely like in the example above.

It may seem like a minor feature, however, this does wonders for better user experience. These are the blocks that will have clickable containers in this update:

  • Blockquote
  • Card
  • Column
  • Container
  • Count up
  • Call to Action
  • Feature Grid
  • Feature
  • Header
  • Notification
  • Number box
  • Pricing Box
  • Team Member
  • Testimonial

To make a block’s container clickable, just navigate to the Style tab on the Inspector and scroll down to the Container Link panel. Turn on its toggle, and fill in the fields.

Container link settings in. the new Stackable update
Container link settings


We’ve added a pagination functionality for our Posts block which will only be available for Premium users. You can only use Pagination if you are not already using the Load More button. Toggling on one will automatically toggle the other off. To set this up, just head over to the Style tab with the Posts block selected. Scroll down to the Pagination accordion, and toggle it on.

Pagination or Load More on the Inspector

You have the choice to include previous and next buttons or stick only to the page number buttons. Additionally, you can customize the buttons to adapt the styling of your website with Stackable’s button design options.

Pagination customization options in the new Stackable update
Pagination customization options

Limit how many posts appear for each page by setting the number in the Post Settings accordion in the Style tab. The finished output on the frontend could look like this:

Pagination for Posts block in the new update
Pagination for Posts block

Other Fixes

In addition to these new features, we have resolved some issues that were brought up since our last update:

  • Fixed an issue with Jetpack where post sharing buttons can appear in the Blog Posts block
  • Review stars provided by WP Review Pro now appear properly in the Blog Posts block
  • Fixed a bug where the right and bottom container paddings are interchanged
  • Removed the possibility of a vertical scrollbar appearing in the WordPress admin

Update and try it now!

Try this new update now and let us know what you think about it! We’re always watching out on how we can make your experience with Stackable better. We have some more updates lined up. Stay tuned on our blog and our social media channels. Additionally, be a part of our awesome Facebook community and join in the discourse on how you can make the most out of the WordPress block editor and Stackable!

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5 thoughts on “New in Stackable: Clickable Containers and Pagination

  1. Do clickable containers not exist in V3? I know that I can set a parent hover state but that just changes appearance and does not make the container a link.

    1. Hey Christina! Clickable containers do exist in V3. Wherever there is a container block (like the Card block, or a Column block), you can head over to the Block tab of the Inspector, and you will see the Link panel. Just fill in the necessary information and that should make your container clickable!

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