What Stackable Blocks to Use for Your Corporate Website

What Stackable Blocks to Use for Your Corporate Website

As against thousands of companies out there, one way that your company can stand out is by having a great site. Your site should show that your company is one to watch out for.

Corporate websites are becoming more and more important. Your company site lends credibility to your organization and allows people to easily learn about the company, your offers, products, services and other details. Stackable provides an easy way to build a crisp corporate site in just a few easy steps.

Your corporate site will not only embody your company’s online persona to bolster your credibility, it can also stand as an essential company resource to provide –

  • 24/7 information hub on company information, products and services
  • a place to establish brand equity and spur recall
  • a place for extensive marketing campaigns
  • a means for visitors to contact your company
  • a means for potential partners to learn more about your company

Blocks to Showcase Basic Company Info and Offerings

The following blocks will help your readers to learn more about your company and its offerings:

1. Header Block

Your corporate site should start with a striking header. In one eye-catching section, you should be able to convey that your company is an expert in your industry and is ready to offer great products and services.

Frost & Partners

The No. 1 Firm for Corporate Law

2. Feature and Feature Grid

The Feature and feature grid blocks work well in highlighting your core competencies, competitive advantage, advocacies, client lists, etc.

Our Expertise

We are the leading firm for Corporate Law with specific expertise in mergers and acquisitions. Bringing companies together for more fruitful endeavours is our forte.

Our Clients

Enterprise Inc.
Enterprise Inc.
Lift Off Tech
Lift Off Tech

3. Card block

The versatility of the Card block allows you to display a brief overview of important information about your company. You can use it for your CEO’s profile, to share your company mission-vision, etc.

Mr. Guy Frost, Esq.


Mr. Frost founded Frost & Partners in 2000 to spearhead the switch to combining traditional approaches with innovative strategies to address the changing landscape.

4. Number Box block

The Number Box block can be used to itemize details about your corporation.





5. Count Up block

The Count Up block showcases notable stats about your company.

Major Deals



Local Partner



6. Post Block

You can the Posts block to display the latest news and relevant events. Periodically publishing posts would not only make your site updated, but can also be help in your company marketing.

7. Accordion block

The Accordion block is a great block to manage content-heavy sections. You can use this block to display your FAQs and other company details.

Ask Your Lawyer

What is your specialty?

We specialize mainly on mergers and acquisitions. We also handle other corporate law matter like corporate compliance.

8. Icon List block

Another alternative to organizing content-heavy sections is by using the Icon List block. This block allows you to list details about your products and/or services using different styles.

We are in these Cities

  • New York, USA
  • Chicago, USA
  • London, UK
  • Paris, France
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Milan, Italy
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Barcelona, Spain

9. Team Member block

Show your roster of experts with the team member block. This will bolster your credibility further.

Guy Frost

Founding Partner

Nancy Grace


Brody Ramon


Gio Linta


Blocks for Prompting Action and Showing Social Proof

To show your visitors that your company is the right choice, utilize great blocks to prompt action or to display positive feedback from clients and industry players.

1. Call to Action block

The Call to Action block is one of the best blocks to prompt your audience to perform an action.

Get the Best Defense

2. Button block as Social Links

Stackable Button block can be transformed as buttons for your social media accounts. You can mix it with other blocks and attract your readers to visit your Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Subscribe for legal updates

2. Testimonial block

Aside from showcasing the logos of your clients, you can quote and display positive feedback from your clients and boost your credibility.

Frost & Partners handled our incorporation. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

The Start-up Guys

The Start-up Guys

The firm helped us run a smooth . They stepped up and went beyond just giving legal advice. They are truly great partners.

St. Mary's Hospital

St. Mary’s Hospital


Use these Stackable blocks to your advantage and impress your potential clients with your corporate website.

  • Header block
  • Feature block
  • Feature Grid block
  • Card block
  • Number Box block
  • Count Up block
  • Posts block
  • Accordion block
  • Icon List block
  • Team Member block
  • Call to Action block
  • Button block
  • Testimonial block

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