What Stackable Blocks to Use for Your Portfolio

What Stackable Blocks to Use for Your Portfolio

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

Portfolios embody the innate talent and skills honed by artists. Here are Stackable blocks specially designed to let the art speak for itself.

For designers, photographers, illustrators and writers, their portfolios are the main collection of their works that show their unique perspective. Because of the broader reach of online galleries and portfolios, they are becoming ubiquitous in the art scene. Stackable’s flexibility makes it one of the best and easiest ways to build your online portfolio.

Blocks for Great Images

These blocks are perfect for showcasing your gorgeous work.

1. Image Box block

The Image Box block was specially designed to display images and artoworks. Easily add hover effects, hover colors and short descriptions about each piece.

Traditional art pieces


Still Life


I usually paint abstract, still life, and portraits using acrylic, watercolor, or oil on canvas. I draw inspiration from the people I meet and the stories that they have.

2. Video Pop-up block

The video pop-up block is a great way of including videos in your portfolio. You can display processes, a digital tour of your most recent art exhibit or a montage of your favorite artworks.

Latest Exhibit

I was recently invited to a local art exhibit in Spain. We were asked to create pieces using classical themes (e.g. nationalism, love, etc.) in modern art style.

I was able to produce a total of five (5) solo pieces which were displayed in the “Upcoming Artists” section of the gallery.

3. Feature block

The Feature block is great for displaying your central and most important pieces using a large section.

Pièce de Résistance

Acrylic on canvas

4. Card block

The Card block can be used to highlight your noteworthy pieces or to share information about you as an artist. The card’s modern layout is perfect for drawing attention to important information.



I finished my visual arts degree at the University of the Philippines. Since then, I’ve been enhancing my skills by participating in local art shows and events.

5. Header block

Portfolio sites usually start with a great header. As your opening salvo, your header should serve as a snapshot of your work. Use the Header block to make your header as striking so visitors can get a good feel of what your works are like.

6. Feature Grid block

Use the Feature Grid block to display your other works in a gallery format.


Oil on canvass


Oil on canvass


Oil on canvass


Oil on canvass

Blocks for Social Proof

Aside from displaying your creations, you can use the following Stackable blocks to link your social media accounts for your patrons and viewers to easily contact and learn more about your work.

1. Testimonial block

The Testimonial block is the easiest way to highlight great reviews from patrons or critics.

Michelle’s work has amazing magic.



art enthusiast

Superb work from an up and coming leader in art.




Michelle is the future of painting.




2. Team Member block

The Team Member block works perfectly in introducing yourself or the people you collaborated with for a specific masterpiece.

Street Signs
Art Exhibit

Fortunate to work with the following creative individuals in making the mundane life of street signs very interesting and artistic!

(Event ran from June 11 to 15, 2016)





Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry

3. Button block as Social Links

Combine the Stackable Button block with other Stackable blocks to prompt your visitors to contact you or visit your other social media accounts.

Work with me

I’m opening slots for commissions to fund the renovation of my art studio.
For freelance opportunities, please shoot me an email.
Thank you!

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The Stackable block library enables you to have an impressive online portfolio. Show off your great pieces to a broad and eclectic audience to make your reach wider.

  • Image Box block
  • Video pop-up block
  • Feature block
  • Card block
  • Header block
  • Feature Grid block
  • Testimonial block
  • Team Member block
  • Button block

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  1. I have just discovered stackable and I’m so impressed! So Much more control than standard Gutenberg and really lovely ui kits.

    I hope to join the affiliate program to use on all projects in the future.

    1. We’re excited to hear you’re enjoying Stackable and our UI Kits. Looking forward to have you onboard as an affiliate!

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