What Stackable Blocks to Use for Your Online Resume

What Stackable Blocks to Use for Your Online Resume


Last Updated on January 27, 2021

Online resumes are gaining popularity and Stackable gives an easy way to build an impressive online CV.

Professionalism should permeate even your online persona. This is true not only for companies and establishments, but also for individual professionals. Having an online resume shows that you are:

  • Ahead of the curve and tech-savvy. Being updated with the latest technology means you are in tune with the latest trends. This gives you a leg up since this shows that you are knowledgeable.
  • Transparent and authentic. Since you are willing to share your credentials online, you show that you are transparent with who you are and what you have done and accomplished. You can also show your authenticity and your personality by your choice of content, images, text, colors and other elements.
  • Thinking outside the box. Resumes and CVs are usually handed to employers on printed paper. With your resume online, you give the impression that you’re able to adapt to changes and leverage the unconventional.

Blocks to Showcase Important Details

The following blocks will help in featuring your solid skill set and work experience.

1. Card block

The Card block is a versatile block that can be used to show a brief overview about your background and experience. Together with a great profile picture, you can provide an impressive snap shot about your practice and career.

Dr. Victor Magalhaes


Doctor Victor (fondly referred as “Doc Vic”), has professionally attended to animal needs since 1995. He was inspired to complete his study of veterinary medicine when their family pet dog suffered from a heart attack. His goal is to save animals and educate new pet parents on how to properly take care of their fur babies.

2. Image Box block

The Image Box block allows you to display a collage of images. You can use it to showcase your client logos, gallery of happy customers, etc.

Doc Vic’s Furry Patients

3. Feature Grid block

The Feature Grid block is best used to highlight multiple features, products, and services in a stylized grid. It can also showcase a collection of great photos.

 Animal health & therapy
Animal health & therapy
 Neuter surgery
Neuter surgery
 Human Education
Human Education

4. Icon List block

Easily show your work experience, skills, educational background and more with the Icon List block. Combine it with other blocks to add photos/videos about you.

Education and Professional Experience

  • Part-time Veterinary Technician at Everybody’s Vet Clinic, 2011 – Present, Chicago
  • Volunteer Veterinary Technician at Chicago Animal Shelter1995 – 2011
  • Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine from Chicago State University

Blocks for Engagement

The following blocks are perfect for prompting potential clients to learn more about or contact you.

1. Header block

Header blocks are usually the first block that your readers see in your online resume. It’s important to have an enticing mixture of text and media to make a great first impression.

Caring for animals like they are family

2. Call to Action block

The Call to Action block’s main purpose is to prompt your readers to perform an action.

Dr. Victor Magalhaes

Professionally-trained to care for your furry family members.

3. Testimonial block

To increase your social proof, include positive feedback from your previous customers and/or colleagues.

Doc Vic is really professional and hands-on with the Animal Shelter.




Doc Vic is a life- saver! My puppy could not have survived without his care.



Dog parent

Learned a lot when Doc Vic gave a lecture on animal care last month at the shelter.




4. Button block as Social Links

You can customize the Stackable button block for your social media icon links. Choose the corresponding text, icon, and color of the social media and link your respective accounts.

Reach Dr. Victor Magalhaes


Use these Stackable blocks to your advantage and make a great impression on potential clients with your online resume.

  • Card block
  • Image Box block
  • Testimonial block
  • Icon List block
  • Feature Grid block
  • Call to Action block
  • Header block
  • Button block as Social Links
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