Version 2 Early Access is Here! Here’s How to Participate

Version 2 Early Access is Here! Here’s How to Participate

Last Updated on December 10, 2019

For Early Access participants, before you try out the version 2 plugin, be sure to read this article first for important instructions.

First off, if you came to this article from our email, I’d like to thank you for participating in the V2 Early Access program! We’re very excited to show you what we’ve been working on for the past 6 months now.

If this is the first time you’re learning about version 2, we have a few articles running down what’s new in this new iteration of Stackable.

Before you install the plugin we’ve sent you, please read the rest of this article first for a few important instructions and notes to remember when participating in the Early Access program.

Install the Early Access Version 2 plugin only in Test or Staging sites

This is very important! The version 2 plugin that we gave you is not yet final.. hence the reason we’re calling this “early access”.

The plugin you have right now is a the current state of Version 2 as we’re developing it. While we’ve performed a lot of testing and fixed a lot of bugs in the plugin, a lot of things have changed and a lot more will change as we get feedback from the participants.

So please install the Early Access Version 2 plugin only in the following locations:

For premium users, staging, test and local development sites do not count as a site in your license.

Warning: if you install the Early Access Version 2 plugin in a live site, you will definitely encounter block errors in the future when you update Stackable.

What’s in the Early Access Version 2 plugin?

All the features we’ve previously discussed are in the Early Access plugin; except that these 4 blocks are missing:

  1. Image Box block
  2. Posts block
  3. Blockquote block
  4. Accordion block

These 4 blocks still need some work to be done. But rather than finish these blocks first, we decided to just remove them for now so that everyone can get hold of the Early Access plugin.

Try out whether your site does fine in Version 2

We have made a lot of changes in Stackable. And I mean a lot.. so far there are 785 changed files with 139,652 additions and 36,178 deletions. A lot has changed and a lot can go wrong.

This is the perfect opportunity to test out whether the site you built using version 1 works fine in version 2 without any problems.

Once you install and activate version 2 on your test/staging site, please go ahead and edit your existing pages and posts that have Stackable blocks in them to check whether they’re still working fine.

If your blocks can be edited and doesn’t show an ugly error, then you’re fine!

But if you see that your blocks have errored out and are no longer editable, please let us know!

Let us know of any error you encounter

Version 2 is a major revision, and while our goal is to have a smooth & hassle-free transition, most likely people will encounter some block errors.

If one of your blocks have encountered an error, please provide to us your page content (prior to seeing the error) to we can have a better view of what happened.

We have set up a few avenues where you can report issues to us:

  1. You can create a GitHub issue for version 2
  2. Let us know in the Facebook Stackable Community Group
  3. Email us at

What’s next after Early Access?

After this Early Access release, we expect some issues to be reported. After we fix those new issues, we’ll do another Early Access update just to make sure that we iron as much updating problems as we can.

Most probably the next early access would also contain the last 4 blocks: Image Box block, Posts block, Blockquote block, and Accordion block.


This is a very exciting time for Stackable. To be honest, we only expected a handful of people to sign up for Early Access, but we were surprised to get almost 100 signups! 🙌

I hope you guys enjoy the numerous changes in Version 2.

Be sure to let us know of any comments, suggestions, or troubles you encounter with the Early Access!

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