5 Simple Website Details to Make You Design Like a Pro

5 Simple Website Details to Make You Design Like a Pro

Last Updated on December 10, 2019

Making your website feel like it was professionally made may not be as hard as it sounds. Here are some details that you can use to achieve that professional finish.

Everyone wants to have a professional looking website, whether it was done in house or outsourced to a design firm. Here are some details that the pros pay attention to so they can make any website look great.

1. Typeface Combinations

The typeface of your site is one of the most important design details that is often overlooked by design novices. While newbies may think having a uniform typeface across your website might be the safest route to follow, having a solid combination of different typefaces will surely make for a more professional feel. You can achieve this by using one typeface for your headings, and a different typeface for your body.


Sans Serif for body. A good combination of different typefaces can make for a more professional feel.

2. Great Icons

Using great icons in your website is another detail that is often used by designers. Icons are great at conveying and emphasizing ideas without adding any more text. They are a great eye-catching way to show value. Make sure they match your color scheme!

<span style="color: #0693e3;" class="ugb-highlight">Good Quality</span>
Good Quality
<span style="color: #0693e3;" class="ugb-highlight">Open 24/7</span>
Open 24/7
<span style="color: #0693e3;" class="ugb-highlight">Innovative Solutions</span>
Innovative Solutions

3. Consistency in Background Tints

One of the details taken for granted is making sure that all your image and background tints match across your website. A mismatch will make your website feel less professional and tidy. Making sure hues are the same goes a long way.

Use the Same Great Hue Across Your Site

Use the Same Great Hue Across Your Site

4. Images with Good Quality

The images you use make all the difference in getting that pro feeling. Amateur images make for an amateur looking site so make sure that all images, and other media for that matter, are all of good quality.

A Great Image Tells a Thousand Words

5. Avoid Clutter

In designing your own website, we understand the urge to pull out all the bells and whistles, but more often than not, this only leads to disastrous results. Pro websites are usually clean, well-spaced and avoid too many unnecessary effects. The result is a professional finish no matter the personality you want to portray.

Simplicity is Key.


With today’s conveniences and technologies, even DIYers can attain a professional-looking website. Here are some design details that pros usually pay close attention to –

  • Typeface Combinations
  • Great Icons
  • Consistency in Background Tints
  • Images with Good Quality
  • Avoid Clutter

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