Welcome to Stackable

Welcome to Stackable

Last Updated on June 7, 2021

One of the biggest changes to WordPress is the introduction of Gutenberg or the new WordPress editor for a fresh publishing experience. This new editor takes the page building experience to a new level by using a more visual approach – featuring a clean and simple layout and using a new system to simplify the building process with the introduction of “blocks”.

What is Stackable and What Does It Have to Offer?

Stackable is a plugin that works to supplement and supercharge the new WordPress Editor. It adds essential blocks to Gutenberg’s arsenal and gives you an even easier design experience. It is the ultimate Gutenberg add-on with a growing number of kick-ass blocks and allows you to present messages and start an action with ease.

With modern designs, Stackable blocks are highly versatile and are meant to be usable in all kinds of webpages – be it business sites, personal blogs, portfolios and more. We also give you the freedom to customize the designs to fit your own vision.

Our intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to showcase your content and beautifully design webpages without needing to learn a line of code. Ease-of-use is our specialty and we built Stackable to make sure that building your dream site would be a sweat-free and enjoyable experience.

To complete our package, we also built the Stackable theme – specially made for Gutenberg – that you can use to jump start your page building journey with the new WordPress editor.

How Did It All Start?

As early as the release of the new WordPress editor as a beta plugin, it became apparent that Gutenberg would be the future of page building. With our experience in creating and enhancing page building tools, our team, GΛMBIT, wanted to help and contribute in making the most out of this change in the page building game.

Stackable started out as one of Gambit team’s side projects. We initially developed some blocks that we thought would enhance the capabilities of the new WordPress editor. Our initial release included basic blocks like header, call to action, testimonials and pricing box.

Given the warm reception from users and the growing importance and popularity of Gutenberg, we’ve put some serious effort in making Stackable the all-in-one companion for the new WordPress editor. What was once a side project became a full fledged product. So far, we’ve designed and developed more than 20 blocks that you can enjoy absolutely for free!

Our Next Steps

We’re not yet done making things better for you. We’re currently cooking up something big to make Stackable even more useful and handy – more blocks, professional design and customization options, animations and other interesting effects are all coming your way soon so make sure that you stay tuned.

Want to learn more
about Stackable?

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138 thoughts on “Welcome to Stackable

  1. Hi
    Interesting to hear.
    Does this mean that u see the future of WP page builders as “if they cant add to Gutemberg, they cant add at all….” In other words; your own PBS and the coming Fr….y – will be obsolete (and a lot of others as well) ?
    I use PBS and am very fond of it, but waiting (invane ?) for Fr….y ?
    So if yes to above – have u in wpstackable, continued the “goodies” from PBS (speed, min. impact on existing site, min. dB calls, ease of functionality..) ???
    And should I abandon the 2 others and go solely for your new “baby” 🙂

    (just ran at test of a 3 diff. installs: 1. default WP site w/ GP premium, 2. the former + PBS, 3. the former, no PBS but + Elementor – and hurraa; PBS was almost as fast as the default installation, and with only a fraction more calls)

    Hi From Claus, Denmark

    1. Hi Claus,

      Can’t say with certainty how page builders will be in the future. However, Page Builder Sandwich will still work with WordPress 5. You don’t have to re-build your site.

  2. Hi. Some of your blocks are not working properly. The button block extends too far to the right (and so goes out of the box of the other blocks, and in the block settings I set it to be in the middle). Block the harmonic correctly, each block that I put under that block loses its functionality (if I put a button below your acording block, then unplug the click url button).

    1. Hi Bozo, thanks for the heads up. Have you tried the latest version? Gave it a spin and mine worked fine. Please let me know if this is still the case.

      Thanks again!

  3. I have subscribed but did not receive the stackable theme by email. Could you please send it to me? Love the stackable plugin. It has replaced 7 old plugins and helped speed up our website significantly. Great job and thanks for developing it. I would like to test the theme also.

    1. Hi, you can instead use the Container block for this. The Container block can have blocks inside it and you can adjust the settings to make it look like the Header block 🙂

    1. Hi Björn,

      Currently, our posts block is intended to display only a limited number of posts. Thanks for the idea though, we’ll add this in our suggestions. 🙂

        1. Sorry, but no definite time for release yet. We’ll announce in our newsletter when this feature is already available. ?

  4. Thanks for this great plugin. It works fine with gutenberg editor. Could you please tell me how I can make some customization? I want to change some options for some specific requirements in one of our wordpress site. Please do let me know how can I do that.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Peter,

      We will be adding a CSS Customizer in each block to help out with advanced customizations. The CSS Customizer will be available in Stackable Premium soon!

  5. Hi, I put some blocks in a container, but how do I stack them horizontally? Three in a row on widescreen, three under each other on mobile?
    Hope you can help me.

    1. You cannot stack blocks horizontally, as of the moment this can only be done in the Block Editor by using the built-in Columns block.

      The way we address this though is to provide blocks that can span multiple columns, and each block has their own mechanism for collapsing in smaller screens.

  6. Every time I exit the page editor I get “this block contains unexpected or invalid block” when reopen the editor, on all your blocks only, converting to HTML or to Block results only in blanck elements in the front-end.

  7. Hi there. I just found this while searching for one-column WordPress theme (featured). This looks super simple and easy to use. I’m wondering if this could replace Elementor, which is what I currently use. They also have some cool blocks, but I’m looking for something light-weight and not as code heavy (specifically for search engine optimization). Do you have any thoughts on how this theme and stackable blocks perform from an SEO perspective? Do you think I can use this instead of Elementor? Thank you and great work on this! ?

    1. Hi William,

      Stackable should work across any theme. For best results, make sure that the theme you are using is Gutenberg-ready.

      We don’t have any video tutorials though 🙂

  8. Please tell me about the upgrade option. What do I get for upgrading from free? One problem I already have: I don’t find an option to create a full width banner like in your example section.

  9. What theme do you recommend using your plugin with? I am looking at GeneratePress or Twenty Seventeen.

    I want to put up a serious of full width background image blocks, but I couldn’t seem to get that to work. It seemed like there was some additional constraint around the container. Is there a general wordpress setting I need to remove to allow full width images?

    1. Hi Jason,

      GeneratePress and Twenty Seventeen should work with Stackable. For best results, make sure that any theme you use is Gutenberg-ready.

      About the constraint with containers, the block editor leaves the implementation of full-width with the theme. It’s possible that there’s a setting with the theme that needs to be changed – such as a page template.

  10. Hey, Benjamin,
    I love the plugin and it just keeps getting better. I would love to download the theme as well. How about a link?

  11. Hi guys, love the plugin, it’s almost to the point where it can replace my full page builder!

    The only two enhancements I’d like to see built in are making the posts block sortable by tags too and not only categories. I’d also like to see Page-navigation for the posts block. I have some pages I’m building with lots of posts for each category/tag and I’d like them all to be listed.

    Any plans for either of these two features?

    keep up the good work!

    1. Hey, Ziggy. Thanks for these great suggestions. Actually, we’ve been getting similar requests from other users. We’re currently working on a big update for Stackable for other improvements, but we hope to include your suggestions in future updates after Stackable v2 is completed and released. ?

  12. Love the plugin, just have two questions:

    1. Are you going to make the posts block sortable by tags and not just categories? I use tags much more for my site to narrow down the content and this feature would be very useful to me.

    2. Are you going to add pagination for the posts block eventually too? It would be nice for users to be able to look through the different pages of post associated with that tag assigned to that page and not having to make the posts block 50 posts long.

    Please let me know if you are going to be adding these features anytime soon. I hope you do because I would like to keep using your plugin, it’s awesome!

    1. Hey Ziggy,

      1. Currently, we don’t have these features yet. Thanks for the idea though, we’ll add this in our suggestions list.

      2. Our posts block is intended to display only a limited number of posts. However, many asked to add pagination for the post blocks, so surely we will take a good note of this for future versions.

      If you have any other ideas or insights, please let us know. You can also post them via GitHub repository too: https://github.com/gambitph/Stackable/

  13. Hi! Thank you very much for this useful plugin! I have a question: Is it possible to add pagination in the Blog Posts Block? Maybe with CSS? Thank you

    1. Hello Carla,
      No, sorry there’s no Pagination in the post block. But it is already in our suggestions list.

  14. I purchased the premium block and downloaded the theme. On the theme, are there theme options such as font, etc.?

    1. Hi Evan,
      All of Stackable theme’s customizations are available via Appearance > Customize menu. Currently, we don’t have Font customization. But from what I know, a few users have successfully used plugins that let you customize fonts.

  15. Hey there!
    I like your plugin a lot. But i have a little problem.
    I use the container and placed the feature grid block inside.
    When i use 2 columns everything looks great…but with 3 columns each section looks very small in tablet mode….on mobile everything is fine again.
    In your demo the 3 feature grid sections look always good.
    Is my theme causing this problem? I am using storefront.
    Thanks + all the best,

  16. hello. i wanted to install the stackable theme into wordpress but there was an error. somethibg with the file style.css . i need support please.

    1. Hey Abel! Sorry for the late response. It might be possible that the zip file for the plugin was uploaded instead of the zip file for the theme. You might want to search and install the Stackable theme directly from your WordPress dashboard > themes area. Hopefully, this will do the trick. Otherwise, let us know if run into any other issues.

  17. I really like the plug-in, but I’m having some issues with the Posts block. it displays author name and publishing date under the post excerpt. And with 2 columns, both authors and publishing date are jammed together in the same spot under the excerpt of the post on the left 🙁 Please fix it, I’ve been waiting so long to use this block.

    1. Hi! We have been trying to replicate the issue in our end, but the problem doesn’t happen. Can we have an URL where you encountered the issue? You can try updating Stackable, we’ve recently fixed a lot of issues related to posts blocks.

  18. Hi,
    Do your blocks have any options for creating a slideshow instead of static image gallery?
    I’ve tried looking at the demos but can’t find anything.

    1. Hey there. Currently, Stackable can be used to create static image galleries only, but we are considering adding carousel/slideshow options for future updates down the road. ?

  19. PS… also the Demo section of your site keeps showing this error:

    The editor has encountered an unexpected error. [Attempt Recovery] [Copy Post Text] [Copy Error]
    and the preview functionality doesn’t work

    1. The error you mentioned seems to crop up from time to time with the block editor. You may need to clear your browser cookies to remove the error – in our experience, this seems to do the trick.

      The premium demo is really meant to only be viewed at the backend so users can get a feel for how to use Stackable Premium. Since it is a backend demo, the preview functionality is really not available. ?

  20. How will I create all the posts on the homepage with pagination, I need to show all the posts with descending order of date and specify the number in the single page.

  21. Hey, Benjamin —

    Enjoy Stackable Blocks, even though my own site isn’t of the sort that can make use of all the cool features.

    Feature request: I run a news site, and would probably use both the “Feature” and “Card” blocks to add featurettes to articles, but would rarely have need of the button. Would it be possible to add an option to simply disable the button in button settings?

    If not, no worries, but I bet others would find it useful, too.

    Thanks, and thanks for a gorgeous collection of blocks!

  22. How can I remove the grey line at the bottom of the nav bar? I’m using a sticky nav bar and the background is white.

  23. Easy Google Fonts is having trouble with this theme. I use it to use a common Google font (Rubik), but that font only works on my post pages and pages where I’m only using standard Paragraph, Header and Image blocks. Very strange. Any ideas?

    Makes me think there might be a block I’m using on the home page that is breaking the Easy Google Font plugin for that page only.

  24. Hello,

    I have been using your plugin for a couple of weeks now, very much to my contentment 🙂 You can check it out at https://bibicontent.com/. However, since yesterday I am no longer able to edit my pages unless I deactivate the plugin, which is – obviously – not the best way to work. Is there anything I can do to resolve this problem?

    Best regards,

    1. Can you tell us more about what happened?

      We recently encountered an issue related to the latest version of Gutenberg. It seemed that Gutenberg 5.9.0 made some of our blocks stopped from working. We released an update for Stackable, Version 1.15.5. This should fix the incompatibility with the latest version of Gutenberg.

      If you need further help, please let me know.

  25. Great piece of software for Gutenberg. I see a lot of potential for it. I just was searching for a particular feature and found this plug-in. Initially I was using the atomic blocks by studiopress, however this one seems to have a lot more features and functionalities and it’s pretty fast too so I’ll probably use both on the site for now until I make a decision

    1. Hi Marcel, we don’t have Woocommerce blocks in our library yet but you can use Stackable blocks alongside other Woocommerce blocks. They should work fine together.

  26. Hi, Stackable Team —

    Great collection of blocks! Don’t know that I’ll ever be able to use them all, but it’s good to know they’re there when I need them. The one block I’ve found especially useful is the accordion, but you should be aware of an unusual bug: If linked text is included, when the accordion is collapsed, even though the text is not visible, the links will still be active in the space below the header where that text would be if expanded. In fact, the links act like they exist in a layer that overrides any block below. Hard to explain, so see the example here:
    the https://www.greylockglass.com/2019/06/16/phoenix-rising-48-hours-in-portland-maine/
    You’ll see the hyperlinks from the “What To See & Do” accordion are superimposed (invisibly) over the text box below. In fact, I only put the text box there so that the invisible links don’t interfere with the advertising slider below. Not a crisis by any means, but something that will always create a need for a work-around until that quirk is addressed. Thanks, folks!

    1. Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We checked on it and confirmed that this is a bug on Accordion block. We already added it in our issues list and we will address this issue as soon as we can. ?

      1. Hello again,
        2 questions: your website hero header is made with Gutenberg?
        and… I would like to have the chance to use a shortcode instead a call to action button. This question refers to the your premium plugin. Is it possible?

        1. Hey Marcel,

          1. It’s part of the theme with some customized CSS 🙂

          2. You’ll have to recreate the looks of the block by using a Container block, then add the necessary blocks inside and then mix in a Shortcode block.

  27. Hi,
    I am just about to get Stackable to update our website. I have been checking it will do what we need it to do and all seems really good. One thing, how do you change the Header Block title to be a H1 title tag? I tried to change it in the HTML and this doesn’t work.

    1. Hi there,
      Currently, Stackable isn’t capable to do this yet. But in Version 2, we’ve added an additional settings for you to be able to change the HTML tag of any Title.
      As a workaround, you can Edit As HTML the header block, then change the title from H2 to H1. This should work fine in the frontend, but it will cause an error in the block editor and you won’t be able to edit the block anymore in visual mode.
      Hope this helps!

  28. Is anyone answering questions on the Support forum?

    Is there any documentation on how you built your demo pages?

    What is the proper size image for the background on Header block?

    1. Hi Tom,

      We do answer in the support forum in the plugin directory, but we prioritize bug reports in the free support 🙂

      As for our demo pages, we mostly used Container blocks to build the backgrounds with the blocks we want to demo inside them.

      For the image sizes, there’s no proper size, but I would say that a 1920 x 1080 JPG with 50%-60% quality would be a good size.

  29. What image size is best for Image Box block?

    I have 3 columns and the images I am using have lettering on the company truck but when I use it the image is slightly distorted so the lettering doesn’t look as sharp.

    I assume it’s due to some kind of image distortion when the image is being adjusted to fit?

    See the image for the first box here; https://carracstaging.preisen.com/

    1. My image is of the whole truck but I cannot get it to fit 😉 Any suggestions?

      I don’t see any option in the block itself for Contain type of setting.

      1. Hi Tom,

        Right now there is no contain option for images but this will definitely be included in Version 2. Still a work-in-progress though. ?

        For now, you might want to try cropping your image to fit the block that you’re using. Hope this helps. ?

    2. For the image sizes, there’s no proper size, but we suggest to use a 1920 x 1080 JPG with 50%-60% quality.

    1. Hi! For the Overlay of Pricing Box, we added custom CSS code and added negative top Margins to the block to pull it up.

  30. Hi,

    Can the accordion block do ‘nested’ accordions (i.e. an accordion inside an accordion)? My client has a rather large FAQ page with main headings, subheadings and several questions for each subheading.

      1. OK, thanks for that.
        Also is it possible to edit the display of the heading e.g. on mobile the drop down area has quite a lot of padding around the heading. It will be good to be able to reduce this padding so it doesn’t take up as much room on the phone.
        Look forward to your reply.

        1. Currently, we don’t have that kind of feature yet but you can manually adjust the padding through CSS codes. But in Version 2, we added a feature for you to easily change paddings and margins for different screen sizes. ?

  31. Hello,
    I am a happy user of Stackable, premium version.
    Do you intend to release (soon) a slider block ? Something efficient but more simple and lighter than existing 3rd part slider solutions.

  32. The premium version of stackables. I like many of the features but some have issues.

    Grids – some do not display proper in mobile
    posts – color issue when running lighthouse (might be stackable theme?)
    button and link settings – it would be nice to have option to add nofollow tags without having to change to html editing which disables block after.

    1. Thanks for the feedback!
      We’ve checked the Feature Grids on mobile but it is working fine on our end. Can you provide us your site URL so we can check it out. We will investigate this issue right away.
      Can we know what is Lighthouse?
      Nofollow tags are already included our list to add in our future version.

      1. google lighthouse – in chrome just do inspect and run audit.

        grids i am referring to using your theme are the ones that on desktop 3 column offset ones

        1. Thanks for the clarifications.
          Upon checking, we found out that on mobile the column 2 of the Zigzag layout overlays to column 1. Apologies for this. We will address this issue as soon as we can.

  33. Hello there,

    I have been using the plugin for a while and am very pleased. I received an email this morning stating that the disk space is full. When I checked, I noticed that the error_log file was too large. The file was filled with the following message.

    [18-Jul-2019 05:16:08 UTC] PHP Warning: get_current_user() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/sdarthenos/public_html/wp-content/plugins/stackable-ultimate-gutenberg-blocks/freemius/includes/class-fs-logger.php on line 89

    What should I do?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Sebahattin!
      Just letting you know that we’ve already received and replied to your email.

  34. Hi I am using your plugin but it causes problems with the theme I use. The theme is Education Minimal Pro and whenever Stackable Guttenberg Blocks in Activated I cannot customise the theme. The error I get is “The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions”. If I deactivate the plugin I can customise the theme. Then I have to go back and reactivate the plugin again. While this is a work around, it is not ideal. Any ideas would be welcome.

    Robert Pyne

    1. Hi Robert,
      Just letting you know that we’ve already sent you an email regarding this issue.

  35. Could you share which blocks are not currently AMP compatible? I know you FAQ or Accordion block is not, but that one is not important to me at this time. Have you test the other blocks with the AMP for WP plugin to know which ones are not currently supported?

    I know your plan is to have all blocks supported, do you know when you anticipate that update to your block plugin? Thanks for your help.

  36. Hi, just tested your pro-version and found it lacks the ability to move the posts in the “post layout” (set as “list) closer together. Or do I miss something?

    1. Upon activating Stackable Premium on your WordPress site, on Stackable settings, it will have a Contact Support button, you can click that if you need any help or if you have any questions about the plugin. And you can also email us at support@wpstackable.com. ?

  37. Hello guys, really interesting plugin there. I have a question regrading filtering posts categories. Instead of choosing ALL or specific categories, how about letting me choose multiple selectively?

    1. You can filter categories and other taxonomies, but right now you can only pick a single category or taxonomy. We’re getting a lot of requests for this so we’ll add this to our to do list 🙂

      1. Is there an ETA. I just bought a single license. For my other site I would love to use it too but again with that specific function. Is there anyway I can get notified or get an upgrade to multiple licenses if that feature is released?

  38. I upgraded to premium all sites, but I could only get it to install and take on one of the sites. How do I get the other two sites to register the premium upgrade?

    1. After purchasing the Stackable Premium, you should receive an e-mail from us with your Stackable Premium copy and your license key.

      You need to upload the Stackable Premium in your plugins. After uploading, you need to deactivate the free version then activate the Stackable Premium. After you’ve activated it you’ll be able to see a prompt like this: https://bit.ly/2SUBBOK

      You can enter your license key in the field. But if you missed this screen, you can also activate it via Plugins: https://bit.ly/2WmgtCZ

      After the activation, the Stackable Premium will be ready to use!

  39. I upgraded to premium all sites. I got it to register on one site, but I could not get it to register on the other two. how to I log in or get the other two sites to recognize my all site upgrade? thanks

    1. After you’ve installed then activated your Stackable Premium, did you see the prompt to enter your license key? You need to make sure to have the premium copy of Stackable is installed and activated so that you can enjoy the premium features of the plugin.

      If this doesn’t help, please email us directly at support@wpstackable.com so that we can assist you better. 😊

  40. I would like to purchase the Premium license, but the advertised promo code ‘HUMANITY20’ is not working. It says the code has expired. Can you fix this so I can purchase the unlimited license?

  41. Hi Guys

    I am really interested in your plugin but you might want to checkout your websites header on a standard size iPad in landscape as it is not looking great.



  42. I love the plugin and it just keeps getting better. I would love to download the theme as well.

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