What Stackable Blocks to Use for Your Advocacy

What Stackable Blocks to Use for Your Advocacy

Last Updated on June 4, 2021

Show the worthiness of your cause by building a great website for your advocacy. Easily spur change with these Stackable blocks.

Great causes need great platforms. A great advocacy site can contribute immensely to the success of your philanthropic mission. Stackable provides an easy way to build a relatable and authentic advocacy site in just a few easy steps.

Blocks to Showcase Basic Info about your Cause & Organization

The following blocks will help your readers to learn more about your advocacy and what they can do to help:

1. Header Block

Your advocacy site should start with a striking header. Your header is your first and best opportunity to relay what your are advocating and its importance.


Don’t shop. Adopt.

2. Feature and Feature Grid

The Feature and feature grid blocks work well in highlighting your mission, core philosophies and great results of your work.

Our Mission

We believe that every animal should be part of a loving home.

We are working toward the goal of saving fur babies and enriching the lives of pet adopters.

Happy families we have brought together

Simon and Lisa
Simon and Lisa
Jake and his proud parents
Jake and his proud parents

3. Card block

The versatility of the Card block allows you to display a brief overview of important information. You can highlight great details such as members of your team, your contact information or how to donate to your cause.


Your kind donation will help us save lives and find forever homes.

Your generous donations, whether in cash or in kind, may be sent to:

143 Lovelane St., Capitol Town, NY

4. Number Box and Count Up blocks

The Number Box block is a great way to highlight details with numbers like important statistics.





Lives Saved



Forever Homes



5. Post Block

You can use the Posts block to display the latest news and relevant events. This can keep interested participants and donors updated on your activities.

6. Accordion block

The Accordion block is great for managing content-heavy sections. You can use this block to display your FAQs and other details.


How can I help?

What we need most are helping hands, but you can also help by donating.

7. Icon List block

Details that are best showcased through a list can be displayed through the icon list block. List your accredited partners and other similar info so donors and volunteers can easily digest the important details.

We are looking for Volunteers

  • Trainers
  • Caretakers
  • Veterinarians
  • Administrative assistants
  • Aides

8. Team Member block

Showcase the people who work tirelessly to achieve your mission with the team member block.

Dr. Vivian Green

Dr. Vivian Green


Vivian is the one who started it all. It was her love for her pets that showed her that every furbaby deserves a good home.

Blocks for Prompting Action and Showing Social Proof

A gentle prompt and good social media exposure can mean a big difference in helping you achieve what you are fighting for.

1. Call to Action block

The Call to Action block is designed specifically to prompt visitors to act. This block is perfect for advocacies.

Help Us Save Them

2. Button block as Social Links

Use the button block to forward visitors to your social media accounts.

Follow Us to Help Out

3. Testimonial block

Display testimonials from the beneficiaries of your cause, and let people see the impact of your joint efforts.

Our family would not be complete without their help. Now, our baby is truly home.



new pet parent


Use these Stackable blocks to further your cause and fulfill your advocacy’s mission.

  • Header block
  • Feature block
  • Feature Grid block
  • Card block
  • Number Box block
  • Count Up block
  • Posts block
  • Accordion block
  • Icon List block
  • Team Member block
  • Call to Action block
  • Button block
  • Testimonial block

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