Breaking the Language Barrier – Perks of Having a Multilingual Website

Breaking the Language Barrier – Perks of Having a Multilingual Website

Last Updated on June 3, 2021

Nowadays, most websites cater to an international audience. While English can be used for a diverse audience, there are perks that can be achieved using the multilingual approach.

Since most websites cater to an international audience, English is usually the vernacular of choice being the default language of business. While this is an effective way of casting a net for diverse users, having a multilingual site raises the bar in terms of reach. Here are just some of the advantages to having a multilingual site.

1. Widen Your Audience

While English remains to be the number 1 language for business, there are other widely-used languages that a large number of the world population use as their vernacular of choice such as Mandarin and Spanish. Making your website multilingual simply makes it more accessible to a bigger chunk of the population.

2. Boost Your Users’ Experience

Having a multilingual site can also make your content more relatable. According to W3C, multilingual websites lessen the cultural nuances and helps the website visitors contextualize the message being conveyed.

There are many regional and cultural differences in the way that information is displayed. Some cultures use a comma as a thousands separator and a period as a decimal point, while other cultures use the period and comma, respectively. […] The presentation of dates and times are a very typical example of something that causes confusion for the user. When using two digits each to represent year, month, and day, the actual date might not be obvious. A few examples from different cultures include DD/MM/YY, MM/DD/YY, and YY/MM/DD. A single date in the format “01/02/03” could be interpreted as three different dates.

– Phil Arko, Siemens. International & multilingual web sites

3. Strengthen Your Credibility

Since the information you present through your site are being translated into digestible pieces across languages, you’re able to build and strengthen the foundation of your online presence. Having your site accessible to a wider audience builds your site’s credibility, which in turn increases possible traffic and drive returning customers.

4. Lower Your Marketing Costs

Maximize the effect of your marketing efforts and drive down costs. By having your website available in different languages, you can create a main ad in English then redirect viewers to your multilingual website where they can access information in their own language. This technique doesn’t only save the marketing budget but also increase your reputation and conversion rate.

5. Outdo Your competitors

Since your competitors are probably already content with an English-only, having a multilingual website already gives you an edge. Being ahead of the language curve, you can easily resonate more with a wider audience.


Having a multilingual site is the wave of the future. You can easily make your site multilingual with Stackable (in partnership with WPLM), and enjoy these advantages:

  • Widen your audience
  • Boost your users’ experience
  • Strengthen your credibility
  • Lower your marketing costs
  • Outdo your competitors

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