Web Design Basics: Essential Sections for Your Blog

Web Design Basics: Essential Sections for Your Blog


Last Updated on December 10, 2019

Want to make a blog site but don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of essential blog sections to start you off.

Having a blog is a great way to share your thoughts – from general musings to detailed analysis of subjects of a certain niche. Regardless of your topic and the purpose for which you write, we have pinned down the sections you will need to build a great blog site.

1. Header Section

The header is now the standard entry section for a great site. It is one of the most important sections because it is the first impression that readers will have of your blog. Be sure to clearly show the central theme and topic of your blog so readers will know if they stumbled upon something they are interested in reading.

Musings of a Travel Junkie

The world is my oyster. Join me as I explore the far corners of this wonderful world.

2. Latest Posts Section

Needless to say, the main section of your blog would be your posts. Display them in an easy-to-digest and inviting layout so readers can easily scan and explore more posts that may pique their interest.

3. About the Author

A good ‘about the author’ section is a great opportunity for readers to get to know you more, and get a sense of your point of view. Showing them a glimpse of who you are and your background establishes your expertise on your topic and lends some authenticity to your posts.

Salve So

The Travel Junkie

Sal started exploring the world when she was just 18 years old.

Having visited over 50 countries, sharing her travel adventures is her central passion project.

4. Contact Section with Social Media Links

A contact section is a great addition to a blog site. While people can comment on your posts in site, it would be great to show how else they can reach you. When it comes to blogs, the broader the reach, the better.

I want to know your musings

Feel free to engage and let me know about your own thoughts and musings. Since I travel a lot, you can reach me through email or my social media accounts.

5. Subscribe or Read More Call-to-Action

The entire point of a blog is to let readers consume content. A great call-to-action would be the perfect tool to let readers know what to do next.

Subscribe to the Travel Junkie Newsletter

If you enjoy reading my musings, join my newsletter for updates on my latest travel stories.


Here are the essential sections in building a great blog site.

  • Header Section
  • Latest Posts Section
  • About the Author Section
  • Contact Section with Social Media Links
  • Subscribe or Read More Call-to-Action
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