How to Make Your Headers More Interesting

How to Make Your Headers More Interesting

Last Updated on June 3, 2021

Headers are now the standard opening to any site. In just a single stand-out section, you need to convince people to continue exploring. Given its importance, learn how to make your header more interesting.

Your first impression might be your only impression so you better make it count. The header is a great way to draw in visitors. It is the first step to converting casual readers to avid fans. Here is how to make your headers better.

1. Use Striking Design Elements

There are a number of design elements that could set a good tone for your header. Make use of clean but striking layouts, inviting color overlays or other cool color effects.


The creative use of design elements can make all the difference in making your headers fresh.

2. Make Your Headline Catchy Yet Informative

While headlines need to be thought provoking, there is no need for uptight language. Use an appropriate tone for your headers – it should echo your overall site so readers would get a sense of what to expect when they choose to explore more.

Looking Sharp, Amigo.

We host the most diverse nursery of succulents.

3. Use Great Images and Videos

Do not underestimate the power of great media. Your header will surely become more alive with elements that sometimes tell better stories than just words.

Extreme Blogging

A gallery of great adventures.

4. Apply Eye-Catching Transitions & Effects

To give your headers that extra oomph, be sure to make the most of transitions and great effects.

Gram’s Coffee

Nothing but good quality coffee from sustainable sources.

5. Emphasize your Call-to-Action

Your header needs to clearly let your readers know what they can do on your site. If there is a mismatch between your main content and the call-to-action, your readers might miss out on what your have in store for them.

The School for Culinary Arts

Learn from world-renowned industry greats.


The Header is one of the most important parts of your site. Here are ways to make your header all the more interesting.

  • Use striking design elements
  • Make your headline catchy yet informative
  • Use great images and videos
  • Apply eye-catching transitions & effects
  • Emphasize your call-to-action

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4 thoughts on “How to Make Your Headers More Interesting

    1. Happy to share ideas, actually all the tips in the article can be implemented with Stackable. We used Stackable blocks for all our examples. ?

    1. Upon checking your site, it seems that you’ve already removed the background color for your showroom header. But for your future reference, we’ve added a new feature, Block Background, if you turn it on the block would get a background that occupies the full-width and the contents will still remain in the center. You can use this feature to be able to achieve the sample in our blog. 🙂

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