8 Trendy Gradient Ideas for Your Website Design

8 Trendy Gradient Ideas for Your Website Design

Last Updated on August 29, 2023

Gradient colors are all the rage in section backgrounds these days. Here are some great gradient color combinations you can try out for your site.

It may not seem like it but colors play an important role in web design–it’s a way to emphasize elements, incite emotions from your website visitor, or highlight sections you want to bring attention to.

In addition to that, you can use gradients if you want to elevate your web design. It creates more depth compared to solid and flat colors. By blending two different colors together, you can create a stunning website and easily catch your reader’s attention. 

Having gradient options for your website design is great, but if the colors that you choose clash or are not a good fit for the look and feel of your site, you might be disappointed with the end result. No worries, we’ve come up with great gradient combinations that you can try out!

Here are 8 stunning color gradients for your web design:

1. Light (#FFD3A5 + #FD6585)

This light color combination can be used for sites that need a sweet and approachable touch. It can be great for wedding sites, lifestyle blogs and boutiques. 

2. Bold (#0F3443 + #34E89E)

Some examples for this dark gradient combination would be for gyms and sports sites.

3. Playful (#12C2E9 + #F64F59)

Great for a more abstract and lively feel, use this gradient background for sites with a fun-seeking and young audience.

4. Warm (#FCCF31 + #F55555)

Add warmth with this background gradient combination. This is good for lively and fun sites.

5. Cool (#7F7FD5 + #91EAE4)

Get an extra cool feel with this gradient combination. Use it for winter photos or websites needing a chilly finish.

6. Earthy (#3E5151 + #DECBA4)

Apply this gradient background combination for an earthy or rustic feel.

7. Party (#333399 + #FF00CC)

Full of energy and spunk, this gradient background combination can be a great choice for concerts and event sites.

8. Peaceful (#31B7C2 + #7BC393)

Make use of this gradient background combination for a calm and peaceful mood for your site.


Gradient colors are a great addition to your color and design options, but knowing how to mix and match them well is key. Here are some samples of great gradient color combinations. All the color codes below are written in text, so you can copy and paste them with ease.


#fbd49 + #f7a5cb


#d2ffff + #0694c6


#006663 + #111111


#54372 + #658715


#00aeef + #ed1c24


#9e1f63 + #392d91


#ffa31d + #ef5454


#7bc393 + #31b7c2

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4 thoughts on “8 Trendy Gradient Ideas for Your Website Design

  1. Thanks for this article. I think I’ll look into using gradients.
    I would like to know how do you get the color blending in the middle?
    Does it happen when you put in the two-color numbers?
    or do I have to add the + sign when I place the numbers into it?
    Thanks for any help you can give me on this topic.
    Lynne C

    1. Hi Lynne! The color blending happens naturally when you select the gradient option for the background of any block. Hope this helps!

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