The Stackable Philosophy

Balancing Utility and Design in Providing Blocks for Everyone

Stackable’s aim is simple – we want to provide useful and beautiful BLOCKS FOR EVERYONE.

It is our philosophy that everyone should enjoy free and ready access to a full set of blocks to make page building as simple and straightforward as possible.

The Most Useful Blocks

When we consider including a block in our library, we always ask ourselves if people will actually use that particular block. We want to build blocks that actually matter to our users – those blocks that can be fully utilized and will contribute to the page building experience in a meaningful way. To us, why develop a block that no one will use? (We try not to get distracted by fluff – although it’s so hard because imaginations can sometimes run wild. LOL.) 

We also try to make our library as complete as possible, which means Stackable is always in a constant state of progress. We anticipate that more blocks will continuously be added to our library as more types of sections are created for different types of webpages.

With all of this in mind, we aim to provide the most useful block collection that everyone can enjoy.

Simple and Versatile Designs

In conceptualizing our blocks, we make sure that the block designs are all versatile and have a professional finish. We know that while blocks need to be useful, they also need to be beautiful. After all, form and substance always make the perfect package. This is why we make sure that our blocks come in simple yet gorgeous designs – you can choose from basic bordered designs or plain (borderless) designs, all for free. 

So there you have it – Stackable uses this simple philosophy – striking a balance between utility and great design to give you the best and most straightforward set of blocks to easily build the perfect site using the new WordPress editor. We hope that we do not disappoint.

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3 thoughts on “The Stackable Philosophy

    1. Hi David! Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve been considering including a countdown block and might include it in future releases down the road. For the counter, could you elaborate more? We currently have a count up block already – check out our demo to see if this what you have in mind.

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