Stackable Integrates with ACF

Stackable Integrates with ACF

Last Updated on July 14, 2021

We heard you! Advanced Custom Fields is now integrated with Stackable. For those whose best friends are custom fields, this integration is for you! 🙌 🥳

Add ACF custom field content into any Stackable block or native block to easily create dynamic websites without the need for shortcode or editing PHP. Setting up the integration is pretty simple. All you need to do is make sure your ACF Free or ACF PRO plugin is activated, and that your custom fields are set up. Stackable automatically picks up the custom fields you make with ACF.

Here is an example of adding custom field content from ACF custom fields:

Adding dynamic content from ACF custom field
Adding dynamic source from ACF custom field

Simply highlight the area where you want your content to appear, click the Dynamic Fields icon (the globe icon). Choose the dynamic source, it could be from the current post, another post, or the latest post option which will automatically update its contents whenever there are new posts.

From there, select which post you want to grab your content from, and then choose the dynamic field. Scroll down the drop down menu and you will find the ACF custom fields. Finally, select the custom field you will be using for that section.

Accessing custom fields in the built-in Stackable Dynamic Content functionality
Accessing ACF custom fields in the built-in Stackable dynamic functionality

The same powerful customization options for Stackable blocks apply to content taken from dynamic sources. With just a few toggles, you’ll be designing stunning dynamic websites in no time.

Customizing dynamic content with Stackable
Customizing dynamic content with Stackable

Most ACF field types are supported as well as ACF Options Pages. To learn more about how you can make the most out of our integration with ACF, check out our documentation.

Create dynamic websites with ACF and Stackable now!

This integration is available for Stackable Premium users. If you’re not a Stackable Premium user yet, check out our Features page to learn more about how we extend the functionality of the Gutenberg editor!

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9 thoughts on “Stackable Integrates with ACF

  1. wow!! If this works like I think it does, it completely solves so many problems I have had with laying out custom fields in an attractive and mobile friendly way!

  2. You are a future-oriented company and have developed a Gutenberg extension that does not yet exist.
    You don’t wait for any customer suggestions, but decide for yourselves what is good and what is not.
    And you have made the right decision to include dynamic content. In other words, you are doing everything right.

    ACF is the most widely used plugin that makes it possible to create dynamic content without programming knowledge. Especially at the beginning, integrating this plugin is the perfect decision.

    When will you integrate the missing but significant fields like ACF Repeater Fields, ACF Relationship Fields?

    You also have to consider that many of your professional users use Gutenberg for performance reasons. Therefore, it would be ideal if you also integrate because this plugin is by far the best professional and most comprehensive plugin for dynamic fields.

    Best regards from Germany:-)

    1. Thanks! The ACF repeater fields are tricky to implement in a block-setting, and that’s why we haven’t supported it. Metabox is one of the things that we want to do sometime in the future.

  3. Alexandra, if it were that easy, everyone would do it.
    Only the best will win 🙂

    And you can do it easily.

    There are also many add-on providers for Elementor that have integrated repeaters and relationship fields into Elementor.

    Just to name a few, AnyWhere Elementor Pro,,

    best regards

    1. Hi Oliver, I’ll hand this request off to our dev team and we’ll see what we can do! For now, you may join our Facebook Community to stay updated with our latest releases 🤍

      1. Hi Alexandra!

        I will let my voice be heard on this too; functions towards integrated repeater and relationship fields would be great! I have a lifetime subscription to Crocoblock -and am in the process of choosing a base theme and block add-on (for non-Elementor pro projects), and I strongly consider Blocksy and Stackable (the other strong contender is a Kadence package). A small hint towards a possible future with a Stackable who supports repeater and relationship field would push me decidedly towards Blocksy/Stackable…

        1. Hi Bent! Thank you for considering Stackable–a Repeater block is actually down the line in our next roadmap. Could you let me know what you’re trying to build with relationship fields so we can have an idea of what you need Stackable to do? I’ll escalate this to our dev team for consideration 🙂

    1. Hi Brian, Stackable’s native custom fields are applicable sitewide. It doesn’t replace ACF. We recommend using ACF to complement Stackable. Hope this helps! 🤍

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