Big things coming your way in Stackable V3

Big things coming your way in Stackable V3

Last Updated on July 14, 2021

We’ve got a big update rolling out very soon! New blocks. New features. Better functionality. And a whole new way of building with Stackable.

We’re always working to make your experience with Stackable better. Since the start of the year, our team has been hard at work to provide you with more features that empower you to do more with Gutenberg. By next quarter, Stackable V3 is coming your way..

This release is the result not only of innovations from our team, but also compelling feedback from our great community of Stackable users. We’ve been listening to your suggestions and taking notes on how we can improve our product. Finally, we’re pleased to announce that these are the new features you will be enjoying with Stackable V3.0:

New blocks + UI Kits

In addition to our current roster of twenty-seven blocks, we have new basic blocks lined up that will take your page building experience with Gutenberg to a whole new level. We’ve also revamped our professionally-designed UI Kits, giving our users the capability to easily create websites for any industry!

These new blocks (together with our improved Stackable settings) will become a strong base for even more complex and highly-anticipated blocks to be released in the future.

Improved block settings to make it easy to create eye-catching, beautiful designs

Achieve any design you want for your website with even better and more intuitive customization controls. Enjoy the same powerful options, but made more intuitively. We’ve revamped the way you can build with Stackable to allow users flexibility in achieving any design.

In version 3.0, Stackable lets you nest blocks within blocks and add other elements you want to build more complex designs. In addition to that, you’ll better visualize how you are designing with Stackable settings with better margin and column customizations and image controls.  

Build for any screen with the most advanced responsive design settings for Gutenberg

Easily control how your website will look like for any screen. On top of the current responsive settings for each block, you will now have more control over how columns collapse across devices. We’ve also made responsive editing controls more visual so you can simply drag borders to change column sizes, and get a more convenient way of building for any screen!

Add dynamic functionality to your website without a line of code

Take editing with Gutenberg a step further and create personalized blocks with dynamic content. This much requested feature will now be built in Stackable. Easily add dynamic functionality to Stackable blocks with our dynamic fields, and conditional block display.

You may also enjoy our integrations with other WordPress plugins that offer dynamic functionality. Early in the year we’ve integrated with Toolset, and a new one is in the works! Hint: they’re commonly known by their 3-letter abbreviation! 

Get to be the first ones to try out Stackable V3!

Which feature are you most excited to try? If you’re as thrilled as we are for the next update, we’ll be making this version update available for beta testing. Sign up here to be waitlisted to test Stackable V3.0 ahead of its release!

We can’t wait to see what you build with Stackable version 3.0! Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come. Big things are definitely coming your way!

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7 thoughts on “Big things coming your way in Stackable V3

  1. That sounds really great, thanks for the hard work. So excited to see how the dynamic functionality works.

  2. I am really intrigued by the nested blocks. If this comes anywhere close to what the Bricks Builder does with nested containers, this will open up a whole plethora of new design possibilities.

  3. It would be really helpful if we could get media queries working in Custom CSS, or at least be able to style the different screen sizes separately.

    1. You can use media queries right now in Custom CSS, you can just add something like this @media screen and (max-width: 900px) { ... } already in v2 and it should work.

      This would be supported in version 3

    1. Hi Dra. Lucía Gómez! Our dev team has a lot of new blocks and features coming your way soon. We released a roadmap for this year on our Facebook Community. We’d like to invite you to join if you haven’t yet!

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