Dynamic Content in Stackable

Dynamic Content in Stackable

Last Updated on June 27, 2022

Take your page building experience with Gutenberg to the next level with Stackable’s built-in dynamic content functionality 😇

If you’re on the lookout to make your website look more professional and functional, using dynamic content is the way to go! As we strive to be the ultimate companion to Gutenberg, we are thrilled to make this feature available within Stackable.

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is content that changes over time. This may be done through creating unique user experiences depending on user journey or user intent–making sure that each website visit is a fulfilling experience.

Most of the time, we just type in static content inside our blocks and have them displayed in our posts and pages. This may seem innocuous at first but it becomes impractical over time when you find yourself constantly updating your pages and posts. To make your website development and maintenance more efficient, use dynamic functionality.

What dynamic functionality is available in Stackable?

We developed this feature with utility and great design in mind. Currently, here are the capabilities of Stackable’s built-in dynamic functionality:

  • Fetch and display post meta
  • Field custom options
  • Source custom fields from ACF

Fetch and display post meta

Fetch data from your post meta (fields that are native to WordPress) or custom fields that you’ve made within the Gutenberg editor and display them in Stackable blocks and native blocks.

Adding content from dynamic source

Furthermore, easily customize your dynamic content with Stackable’s powerful customization options! Here is a preview of customizing content from dynamic sources

Customizing content from dynamic source

Field options

Some dynamic fields will have their own options, you can display post titles and URLs as links and have the option to open them in a new tab.

Field options in the dynamic fields modal

In addition to that, you can also customize the format for field types that are dates. We have built-in date formatting options, but you also have the ability to create a custom format. Check out our documentation on date formatting here.

Field options in the dynamic fields modal

Source custom fields from ACF

In addition to the dynamic functionality in Stackable, if you are an ACF user, you can use custom fields created from those plugins and display custom field content in blocks!

Break no sweat with Stackable!

We’ve made it easy for both beginners and web design professionals to create stunning dynamic websites with Stackable blocks. Streamline your web development process as you won’t need to write a line of code!

Head on over to our documentation to know how you can utilize dynamic functionality within Stackable.

Dynamic functionality is available for Stackable Premium users. Visit our Premium page to know more about all our Premium features.

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4 thoughts on “Dynamic Content in Stackable

  1. Hi! Are there any plans to support dynamic maps in Stackable (map/coordinates in ACF or Jetengine as a custom field, and outputting this dynamically in the map widget in Stackable? Would be great!

    1. Hi Bent! We currently do not have any plans to support dynamic content for the Maps block. However, if we receive any more requests for this feature, I can relay it to the dev team to see if this is something we can work on!

    1. Hey Andrew, Stackable already offers dynamic content features in our plugin. If there are any other specific features you’re looking for, you may let us know on our awesome Stackable Community 🥳

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