Create Dynamic Content in Stackable with Toolset

Create Dynamic Content in Stackable with Toolset

Last Updated on July 14, 2021

Create personalized and complex websites with Toolset’s dynamic functionality and take its design to the next level with Stackable’s powerful custom blocks 💪

Building beautiful and advanced websites doesn’t have to be difficult. When you have the right tools for it, it becomes a piece of cake! Toolset and Stackable are two powerful WordPress plugins that make it uncomplicated for beginners and professionals alike to build websites. When used together, you unlock a robust set of tools that take web design and development to a new level.

What you can do with the Toolset and Stackable integration

Toolset is a complete package of tools that would otherwise need a number of different plugins. Toolset Types lets you organize your content with custom post types, fields and taxonomy. These let you store information that cater to your website’s needs. These dynamic sources allow you to update content in your website that changes through time without having to go back and manually edit your blocks.

Toolset interface for dynamic websites
Toolset Interface

Then you can display the content you store with Toolset Blocks using templates, archives, and lists. Any new post using Toolset’s custom post type will automatically be displayed using templates and archives and you have the power to customize these to your website’s needs.

Use Stackable with Toolset to add eye-catching professional design to your dynamic website. Our integration with Toolset makes it possible for you to display content from Toolset’s dynamic sources with Stackable blocks.

Adding a Stackable Block to display dynamic content
Adding a Stackable Block to display dynamic content

Additionally, Stackable’s same powerful design tools and limitless design possibilities apply. Simply toggle on dynamic sources when you add Stackable blocks to your page or post. 

Customizing Stackable blocks in Toolset blocks for a dynamic website
Customizing Stackable blocks in Toolset blocks

Don’t settle for less.

Why should you when these tools are yours for the taking? We’ve made it easy for you to create stunning dynamic websites with our integration with Toolset.

Here are some resources for you to help you make the most out of our integration:

Integrating Toolset with Stackable is available for both free and premium users of Stackable. Just make sure your Toolset plugin is activated and you will automatically be able to use Stackable blocks with Toolset’s dynamic sources.

We’d love to see the websites you design with Stackable and Toolset. Submit your website for a chance to get featured on our showcase here!

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