The Container Block and Accordion Block

The Container Block and Accordion Block

Last Updated on September 2, 2019

We’re on a roll giving you awesome features and great function with the Container Block and Accordion Block.

Version 1.8 brought you the Container block and the Accordion block – two of the most-used blocks in the amazing Stackable block collection.

Container Block

The Container Block is a very versatile block that you can use to create lots of different layouts. You can create headers, call to action areas, and many more.

You can place different blocks inside a container block and then you can customize the blocks’ location and background.

A typical example would be to create a header area by adding in a title, a button, then setting the container to be full-height and full-width. 

Container blocks also have the ability to restrict the content to only half of the block, allowing you to create more elaborate layouts. You can align the contents to the left side, centered or on the right side. There’s also an option to vertically align the contents.

The text color of the blocks inside the container can also be overridden in order to add backgrounds to blocks which normally don’t support one. For example, we’ve used a blog posts block inside a container and changed the text colors to white.

There are so many possibilities with the Container block. The best part is it’s so easy to use, just drop in blocks in it, then pick your backgrounds. Here’s the list of features for the Container block:

  • Place any block inside
  • Supports wide and full-width
  • Changeable height: short, tall, half-screen height or full-screen height
  • Changeable text color
  • Adjustable vertical content alignment
  • Contents can occupy the entire width, align left, center, or right
  • Changeable background
  • Supports background colors and background images
  • Fixed background image
  • Responsive

Accordion Block

Next we have the new Accordion block. It’s a title that when clicked, expands or collapses some information. It’s kinda like the Expand Block, except that this block is designed to be used for FAQs or for accordions, and this block animates!

You can customize the title’s background color and text color to easily catch the attention of your visitors:

Bug Fixes for Gutenberg-Ready Themes

We have gotten reports that the wide and full-width options in Stackable blocks don’t seem to work with some Gutenberg-ready themes. We have also addressed those concerns in this version.

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