Top Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Top Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

They say the only thing that’s constant in this world is change. It’s no different when it comes to web design. Web design is constantly evolving, and it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Now that it’s 2023, it’s necessary to start thinking about what latest trends are in store when it comes to web design. In this post, let’s explore some trends that will soon dominate web design this year.

3D Graphics


As technology continues to improve, we’re seeing more and more websites incorporate 3D graphics into their design. This trend is set to continue in 2023, with web designers finding new and innovative ways to use 3D graphics to enhance user experience. From interactive 3D models to fully immersive environments, 3D graphics can add an extra layer of depth and realism to a website. However, it’s important to note that this trend may not be suitable for all websites, as it can increase loading times and require more processing power.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is a trend that’s been gaining traction in recent years, and it’s set to become even more popular in 2023. Interactive content refers to elements on a website that users can engage with. It’s an excellent way to keep users engaged and entertained, making it an effective tool for driving traffic and increasing user retention. Lastly, interactive content can help build brand awareness and establish a connection between users and the website.

Some examples of interactive content include:

Animated Scrolling

Animated scrolling is what you call when elements on a website transition or create motion when a user scrolls through a page. Scrolling effects are not just purely for aesthetic reasons, but could also create a dynamic user flow on your website. Additionally, scrolling animations could be used to emphasize certain elements of your website.

Here’s an example of some simple scrolling animations you can add to a website using fade in and fade out effects:

Animated scrolling may sound very complicated to make, but it’s actually pretty simple with the help of page builders. The above example is actually made using Stackable, a WordPress plugin that turns WordPress into a page builder. Each block has a setting called Motion Effects, where you can add scroll-based transitions without having to write any code.

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Micro-interactions are necessary if you want to create an interactive website. These are small functional animations that guide the user while exploring your website by giving visual feedback. Micro-interactions are usually triggered by hovers or clicks on certain elements of your website. It could be as simple as color changes on buttons, or revealing text over images.

The above example was also made using Stackable. We used hover effects for each card, and the content inside of it. We simply used color changes and it made all the difference. Here’s a quick


Minimalism has been a popular web design trend for a few years now, and it’s set to stay that way even in 2023. With users increasingly seeking simplicity and clarity when browsing the web, minimalism offers a clean and modern aesthetic that can help to focus the user’s attention on what’s most important–content. Making a minimalist website can be as easy as using simple typography, taking advantage of white space, and using limited color palettes.

Here’s a great example of a minimalist website that takes advantage of white space and scrolling animations without sacrificing functionality:


If you’re a WordPress user, and you’re looking for templates, whether minimalist or dark, you might want to take a look at Stackable’s UI Kits. We have a library of ready-made designs that will give you the ability to create the website of your dreams in no time.

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AI Generated Images

AI Generated Image by Midjourney with prompt “airplane floating on Lake Brienz, Isetwald

AI Generated Images is the latest emerging trend in 2023. The trend refers to the increasing use of artificial intelligence algorithms to generate realistic images or illustrations, often for use in advertising, design, or other creative industries. If you need images quickly, AI generated images can be a good option. Thanks to advanced technology today, you can now just use tools like Midjourney to easily create assets for your website by typing just a few keywords. If you would like to try generating AI art or graphics, you could join Midjourney’s beta on Discord. Here’s an example of an AI Generated image we requested in their server.

Although there are some debates online that AI-generated art has some ethical concerns such as using pre-existing art and images created by artists to generate the AI art, we still feel like this won’t stop companies and businesses from using AI to create graphics. It’s still new technology and there’s no doubt that AI developers will eventually address this issue.


Web design is an ever-changing landscape, and staying up to date with the latest trends is crucial for creating a successful website. In 2023, we can expect to see a continued focus on 3D graphics, minimalism, and usage of AI Generated Images. By incorporating these trends into your website design, you can create a modern and engaging user experience that will keep visitors coming back for more.

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