5 Tips to Lower Your Bounce Rate

5 Tips to Lower Your Bounce Rate


Making engaging content is part of the challenge of website building. Here are some tips for keeping attention and lowering your bounce rate.

Producing content on a regular basis is hard, but making sure people are able to consume your content is another challenge altogether. In a world driven by data and KPIs, one important indicator that you need to track is bounce rate, i.e. the rate at which visitors are exiting your site without viewing more of your content. This metric helps you track interest and level of engagement of your visitors.

To help you thrive in this area, here are a few ways you can lower your bounce rate.

1. Keep Your Content Interesting but also Short and Sweet

Brevity is the soul of wit. When writing articles, of utmost importance is making sure that you are writing something worth reading. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to be verbose. Keep it short, sweet and to the point so as not to confuse or bore your readers.

Brevity is the soul of wit. – Hamlet

2. Make Your Menu Easily Accessible & Understandable

Your menu is the main way that your visitors can navigate around your site. This makes it one of the most important assets in lowering your bounce rate. Make sure your menu is easily accessible and not overly crowded to help in the ease of site navigation.

3. Use Inviting Call-to-Actions

Call-to-action sections are the key to prompting your visitors to do something more. At the end of each page or post, make sure that you are able to guide your reader on what else he can do on your site.

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4. Use Links to Related Articles or Items

Since your visitor is already interested in the current post or item he is viewing, grab the opportunity to show other items he may also want to check out.

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5. Use Links for Individual Parts of a Series

Sometimes a subject is just too rich for a single article, and writing a series is more appropriate. When this happens it is important to make sure that you include links to all parts of the series so your readers can get the whole story.

How to Write an Interesting Article

Part 2 of 3

In Part 1, we learned that it is important to come up with an interesting and central subject for your post. Here, we will learn about the research skills that it takes to form the basis of your story.


Here are a few tips to up your engagement and lower your bounce rate.

  • Keep your content interesting but also short and sweet
  • Make your menu easily accessible & understandable
  • Use inviting call-to-actions
  • Use links to related articles or items
  • Use links for individual parts of a series

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