Copy Paste Styles


Learn how to easily copy the styles of one block and paste it to another with just a few clicks!

Copy paste styles is a premium feature that allows users to copy the style of one block and paste it to another.

In this tutorial, we will be teaching you how to execute this feature! To make designing websites much easier for Stackable users, we’ve given you various options to copy and paste block styles.

Copy and paste the style of one block to another

Select the block that you want to copy the styles from and click the palette icon. Select the Copy Styles option.

Once you have clicked the copy styles button, a tooltip text should appear at the bottom-left of the screen signaling that you were able to copy the styles successfully.

Next, scroll to the block that you want to paste the styles to. Click the palette icon yet again, but this time hover over the paste styles button.

You should be able to see a preview of the style you will be copying from. This helps you to make sure that you are copying the style from the correct block.

Once you have pasted the style to the block, you will see that the block has copied over the styles from the previous block and a tooltip text appeared signaling that you pasted the styles successfully.

Just edit the contents or add additional assets to differentiate the sections.

Copy and paste the style of multiple blocks

You can also copy and paste styles from multiple blocks. While holding down the shift key, select the blocks you’d like to copy the styles from. Click the three dots in the toolbar and select “Copy styles”.

Now, as with the previous step, select the blocks that you’d like to paste the styles on to while holding down the shift key. Click the three dots on the toolbar and select paste styles.

This should paste the styles of the previous blocks to the rest of the blocks.

Lastly, you can copy and paste styles from a block from one page to a different page. Simply select the blocks you want to copy styles from in one page. Open the new page you will paste the styles on to and paste the style on the blocks.

The copy paste styles is a powerful and intuitive feature. It can paste styles even if the blocks you are pasting to are not identical to what you copied.

For example, we’re copying the styles from this Feature grid and pasting it unto a new feature grid with multiple paragraphs or text blocks. All paragraphs have inherited the styles from the previous block.

Or for this example, we’re copying from only one button, but the two buttons will inherit the styles.

The Copy paste styles really helps in easing your workflow! We can’t wait to see your websites that are #BuiltwithStackable.

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