Introducing: Wireframes

Introducing: Wireframes

At Stackable, we believe in balancing utility and great design. Which is why we continuously pour our efforts into improving our block and design library so that we can help our users efficiently create website designs that inspire and are highly functional.

We understand that there is a need for some of our users to have the ability to prototype fast in order to complete projects. We were trying to come up with a way that will help shorten the process of wireframing to completing a prototype. Our solution? Stackable’s very own Wireframe designs. 

Introducing Stackable’s Wireframe Designs

With our wireframe designs, our goal is to give you a highly efficient way to prototype without limiting your creative freedom. Now you can create wireframes right in the comforts of the WordPress block editor in no time.

Wireframes in Stackable's Design Library
Wireframes in Stackable’s Design Library

We give you 30 wireframes across 12 section categories that are essential in building an effective website. Our wireframe blocks work seamlessly together so you can kickstart your design workflow by just mixing and matching different sections.

Other than that, our Wireframes are great for a number of reasons. First, our wireframe blocks are responsive. You and/or your clients can see for yourselves how your wireframes will look from different viewports, may it be from a mobile or tablet device.

Second, with Stackable’s wireframes, the sky’s the limit… or rather, there’s no limit at all! Our wireframe blocks are easily customizable. Want to take out a part of the wireframe? No problem! You think it’s missing an image, a subtitle, or any block at all? Done and done!

Third, since you’re now wireframing right in the WordPress block editor, you are able to easily move on to the next step of your design process without moving back and forth with another tool. See here how we’ve added designs to our wireframe blocks, effectively creating a mockup without any hitches!

Lastly, it’s free! 😱 Our pack of 30 wireframes are available for use to all Stackable users. All you have to do is… virtually nothing! Once you’ve updated Stackable, you should see the catalog of wireframes in the Design Library. Just click the Wireframes tab, browse, and click to add!

We’ve got you covered!

At Stackable, we only desire that you find all that you need in our plugin, may it be a small or a big project. To recap, here’s how Stackable’s wireframes helps you in easing your design process:

Save time

Spend less time planning layouts so you can focus on what matters

Easier workflow

Move from wireframing to prototyping in one platform and easily collaborate with team members and clients

Highly customizable

Effortlessly personalize the wireframes to your needs or your creative vision

Stackable Wireframes

Check out our wireframes that gives you a streamlined design process right in the Gutenberg Editor

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  1. This is excellent feature for speed up the workflow. Is there any plan for future updates, and add new wireframe designs? Thank you

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