Gutenberg Blocks to Use for a Small Business Website

Gutenberg Blocks to Use for a Small Business Website

Last Updated on June 17, 2021

Stackable can be a very handy tool for entrepreneurs who want to have a strong online presence. These blocks will help you easily build a great e-commerce or business website in no time.

Building a great eCommerce website for your business is a must nowadays, and using Stackable will let you build in a snap to help you achieve these goals:

  • Attract your target audience without bombarding them with too many details regarding their services/products
  • Build your brand equity and ensure your credibility as a business
  • Convince visitors to choose your service/product over competitors
  • Help visitors retain information about your services/products – creating a pool of repeat customer

WordPress is a great platform for small businesses that want to have a strong online presence. There are many great plugins you can add to your toolset that will help you easily build a great eCommerce or business website in no time.

Stackable is a great add-on to the WordPress block editor. In addition to the native blocks, Stackable provides more than 20 additional blocks that give you various features and great design options! What more can you ask for?

Stackable is the ultimate companion to Gutenberg to build a WordPress eCommerce website. Here are some great examples for inspiration:

Blocks for Your Products and Services

The following blocks will help your customers learn about what you have to offer:

1. Pricing Box block

The Pricing Box block allows you to display different plans and pricing tiers for an easy comparison detailing descriptions, sample photos, and prices.

Fresh bread

Fresh bread



Our selection of bread is baked using the freshest ingredients from our local farmers.

Specialty cupcakes

Specialty cupcakes



Our cupcakes are made with love and with our customers’ happiness in mind.

2. Feature & Feature Grid block

The Feature and Feature Grid blocks work well in highlighting distinct information about your services. It can be about your business advocacy, unique selling point, etc.

From farms to our table

We partnered with various local farmers in creating our menu. In this way, we uplift their lives and give them an opportunity to make the most out of their harvest.

Drink coffee
Drink coffee
Enjoy with friends
Enjoy with friends

3. Image Box block

The Image Box block is great for businesses which have a lot of services and/or products to offer. It allows you to display a collage of gorgeous photos of your product offerings on your WordPress eCommerce website. You can also create an archive or catalog of your products/services.







4. Video Pop-up block

From the name itself, the Video pop-up block lets you entice customers through videos about your products or business.

Let us take you on a virtual tour around our place!

5. Count Up block

The Count Up block enables you to showcase interesting and notable stats about your business.

Coffee served


Cakes delivered


Happy customers


6. Number Box block

The Number Box block can be used to display information about your business on your WordPress eCommerce website that is best shown with numeric figures. Easily show steps in a process or show inclusions in different plans.

3 Easy Steps to Enjoy Our Food:


Get to know what you want


Relax & take your time


Mix & match our food

7. Icon List block

The Icon List block is great for organizing and listing details about your products and/or services. Mix it with other blocks to make that specific section stand out.

Our special cupcakes

Our selection of specialty cupcakes can be delivered fresh to:

  • New York
  • Paris
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Manila
  • Singapore

Blocks for Prompting Customers

The following blocks encourage customer-engagement and nudge them to click or do more around your WordPress eCommerce website. Through these blocks, you can prompt your customers to learn more, purchase your product, and more.

1. Call to Action block

The Call to Action block is one of the best blocks to prompt your audience to perform an action.

Grab a cup on your way to work

We are located at hottest corner of town.

2. Header block

As the first section that your visitor will see, the header needs to grab attention and show what you have to offer at a glance. Easily do this with the Header block – include a brief description and a button to make sure people are encouraged to explore further.

Cakes, Bread & Coffee

We have a lot of things in store for you!

3. Accordion block

Use the Accordion block to manage heavy content so your business site will look clean and crisp. This is perfect for FAQs and other sections with a lot of text.

Where are you located?

Our cafe is located in the heart of the city

Blocks for Social Proof on Your WordPress eCommerce Website

Businesses with social proof, be it a display of their loyal customers or social media accounts, boost their authenticity and legitimacy.

1. Button block as Social Links

You can use the Stackable button block for your social media icon links. Just choose the corresponding text, icon, and color for your social media accounts.

Share your experience with us

A cafe meant where memories are made. Share your memorable moments with us. #MakeTodayCount

2. Testimonial block

Show positive customer feedback with the Testimonial block. Let your loyal customers sing praises about your best sellers.

I really love how the cafe employees greet their customers with a smile every day. Probably wouldn’t survive every morning without their coffee.




Cozy atmosphere and great food! I passed the Bar because of the food and coffee served here. My favorite’s their cheesecake cupcake!




After school I immediately go to this cafe to study. Worth it price for students like me. I recommend it to my friends and they love it too!





Take advantage of the flexibility of Stackable and extend your business’ reach online. Use the following blocks to build a great business or e-commerce site without hassle.

  • Pricing block
  • Feature block
  • Feature Grid block
  • Call to Action block
  • Accordion block
  • Video pop-up block
  • Count Up block
  • Number Box block
  • Testimonial block
  • Notification block
  • Icon List block
  • Header block
  • Image Box block
  • Buttons block

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