5 Easy Ways to Better Showcase Your Artwork Online

5 Easy Ways to Better Showcase Your Artwork Online

Last Updated on January 27, 2021

For artists, having an online gallery is the easiest way to share your pieces. Here are some tips on how you can showcase your work better.

In today’s world, there are so many different ways of showing your art work. Online galleries abound and are usually an easy and budget-friendly way for art enthusiasts and casual visitors to access your work. Make your gallery more impressive with these tips:

1. Highlight Your Major Works

As every artist and enthusiast knows, not all art works are created equal. When inspiration strikes, an artist can produce great works that stand as the major highlights of their collection. Since major works are a step above the rest, they should be highlighted in your site and be featured in a striking section.

Pièce de Résistance

Dancers Lift

2. Display Collections Using Crisp Layouts

Collections of work can be displayed best when the gallery layout you use is clean and without too many frills. This will allow each piece to speak for itself so visitors would be able to focus on the important details.

3. Use Videos for Virtual Walkthroughs

Even if videos are not your medium of choice, you can make good use of them to show montages of your work or have a walk through of physical exhibits. This way, your art can feel more tangible to your visitors no matter where they are.

Walk Through the Photographs

4. Use Brief Explainers for Your Pieces

Some artists want to let viewers peek into their thought process or have a brief background of their inspiration. This is a great way for viewers to feel more connected to the work since they get to understand the story behind each piece.

Waiting for the Stage

Black & White Film

This piece was inspired by what happens backstage. While dances are intricately and meticulously choreographed for an audience, the waiting backstage shows the rawness of each dancer and the anxiety that must be felt prior to the performance.

5. Use Links to Social Media or Other Art Sites

Needless to say, social media now plays a pivotal role in the reach of each artist. Since sharing works are easily done through your social media accounts or sites specifically catering to art, it is essential to include links to these accounts.

Follow for More Great Photographs


Having an online gallery of your work is now the easiest way to reach a wider audience who can appreciate your pieces. Make your online gallery better by following these tips.

  • Highlight Your Major Works
  • Display collections using crisp layouts
  • Use videos for virtual walkthroughs
  • Use brief explainers for your Pieces
  • Use links to social media or other art sites

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