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Referral Mechanics & FAQs

Terms & Conditions

Who can join the Referral Program

Existing and active users of Stackable free and Stackable Premium can join the Stackable Referral Program.

To participate, refer friends who are interested in purchasing any Stackable plan by sending them your unique referral code provided to you by Stackable.

How to join and participate in the Referral Program

To join the program, you must fill up the referral program application form. After being registered, you will be given a unique referral code via email from the Stackable Team.
After receiving your referral code, you can send it to your friends so they can avail of the 10% discount and you can avail of the one month free use/extension of Stackable Premium for successful referrals.

Once a successful referral is made using your referral code, you will get an email notification from the Stackable Team on your benefits.

If you are a Stackable Premium user and purchaser, your extension will be granted by Stackable Team, and you do not need to take any steps to activate the extension.

If you are a Stackable free user who will be using Stackable Premium for the first time, the Stackable Team will email you your limited license key together with instructions on download and installation of Stackable Premium.

Benefits for Referrers

For existing Stackable Premium users, you can get a free one month extension of your current license (including premium support) for every successful referral. 

For Stackable free users, you can use Stackable Premium for free for one month for every successful referral, together with premium upgrades, but premium support will not be available.
You can benefit from up to a maximum of six (6) successful referrals, for a total of six (6) months.

Benefits for Referred Friends

Your unique code would entitle each friend to a 10% discount for the initial purchase of any Stackable Premium license.

This 10% discount will be available only to the first six friends who uses your referral code.

This benefit will not apply to upgrades or renewals of any Stackable Premium plan.

Successful Referrals

A successful referral happens when a friend successfully makes an initial purchase of any Stackable Premium license using your referral code, and does not request for refund within the guaranteed refund period.

A successful referral is necessary for a referrer to be entitled to the benefits of the Stackable Referral Program.